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Learn How to Crochet This Cotton Summer Top! It’s So Easy and Includes a Video Tutorial! – YHN

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Have you ever wanted to crochet a garment but felt intimidated? Then you will be so excited to try your hand at the incredible “Twiggy” Crochet top!

The twiggy is a part of the cotton crochet series I am doing this month. It is one of 5 patterns I will be releasing this month and I am so excited to share it with you!

I personally know how difficult and scary it can be to try your hand at garments. The construction, math….AHHH! Those two elements alone are enough to cause someone to decide “nevermind!”

Well, I can honestly say, the twiggy is the perfect top to get you started creating garments! PLUS! There is a detailed video tutorial to help you understand the construction and overall design of this super simple piece.

Below I have put together the written pattern. But, I highly recommend checking out the video if you can! I explain in detail the overall construction of the top as well as how easy it is to customize to anybody.


  • 4 balls of Lion Brand 24/7 cotton in navy blue
  • 4.25MM hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

The approximate size of this top a Large. I am a size 10 waist and I created this pattern to fit my size. However, with a simple measurement of your bust, you can create the needed size.

All you need to do is the work the foundation chain in a multiple of 3.


***this top is worked in one solid piece

Begin by chaining 81 (or your multiple of 3)

Row 1 – in the 3rd chain from the hook you will place a HDC (half double crochet). Continue with HDCs all the way across. Turn.

Row 2 – CH 5 and skipping the next two stitches you will then place a DC into the next ST. You will notice a “box” or “window” form. Continue along the row by following the CH2 skip 2 STS and DC into the next ST pattern. You will end with a DC in the last ST. Turn.

Row 3 – CH 2, * place 2 DC into the previous CH space, DC into the next ST. Repeat from * across. Turn

Row 4 – 34 : These rows are a repeat of rows 2 & 3. Once you complete the 34th row. You will create the shoulder space and head hole. This will transition your piece from working the front panel to now working the back panel.

Row 35: CH 2 and place a HDC into the next 14 sts. NOW WE ARE GOING TO CREATE THE HEAD HOLE. CH 51, then you will skip the next 51 STS. You will then place a HDC into the last 15 sts. Hopefully, at this point, you will see the basic construction. Turn.

Row 36 – 68: CH 2. You will place a HDC into the next 81 STS and end with a turn and CH 2 to begin the next row.


The armholes are quite simple to measure out. From the front panel, you will count down the 6 “boxes” and underneath the 6th box is where you would pin the top to create the armhole. Once your holes are marked you will take right sides together and begin sewing the side seams.

Once you are done sewing the sides, flip your top right side and out and then BAM! you’ve got your finished piece!


Now, if my written instructions were confusing for you, please check out the video tutorial below. I firmly believe you will be able to create this top with no problem! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments or by shooting me an email:

Also be sure to share your finished piece by using the tag: #yhnfashion


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  1. Hello There!! I saw you pattern on Hookin’ on Hump Day and just had to print it out! I’ll let you know when and if I make it! It’s definitely in my queue! Congratulations on being featured! Thank you for sharing!

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