The Top 10 Crochet Leaf Patterns!


I am all about adding whimsy to your home through handmade decor. Today I am sharing the top 10 leaf patterns that I have found on Pinterest.


10.  Oak Leaves by Charlotta from In the Garden

from In the Garden
from  In the Garden

I love how realistic these leaves look! Charlotta did a fabulous job with photography to show the real ones next to the crochet ones!

Visit her site to get this awesome pattern for yourself.

You definitely won’t be disappointed with this one. Another idea for this pattern is to pair these leaves with acorns or another leaf pattern and create your own custom garland.

They really are stunning!






9.  Maple Leaves by Michelle from The Painted Hinge

by The Painted Hinge
by The Painted Hinge

These leaves are larger which is one reason I chose to make these for my home!

Quick and easy to whip up, you’ll love adding these to a wreath or “sprinkling” them on an entry table or along your table runner.

You can even add them to a garland to hang along a hutch or above the fireplace. Michelle did a great job with these!






8. Simple Leaf by Susan’s Hippie Crochet

by Susan's Hippie Crochet
by Susan’s Hippie Crochet

I thought was were so cute yet so simple.

Sometimes less is more right? Susan made these and created a diagram to easily make a dozen or so and create your own minimalist garland.

This pattern is perfect for those crafters and lovers of handmade things that desire to keep things simple yet beautiful!






7. Oak Leaves by Pattern Paradise

by Pattern Paradise
by Pattern Paradise

This is another stunning leaf pattern that really doesn’t need anything else to be beautiful.

Of course, you could add this to a wreath, centerpiece etc. But honestly, they are just gorgeous on their own!

Maria does a great job explaining the pattern in her tutorial and I think you’ll be glad you chose to hook these leaves!






6. 2 Minute Leaf by Living the Craft Life

by Living the Craft Life
by Living the Craft Life

2 minutes to crochet something this cute?? Sign me up!

I think these things are SO ADORABLE! They are versatile too because not only will they work in the fall but you could easily add them to a spring or summer project too!

Seriously though the designer nailed it when it comes to cuteness!






5. Maple Leaf Coasters by Crochet Spot

by Crochet Spot
by Crochet Spot

Most makers I know are lovers of all things coffee and sometimes tea.

That being said I think these would make a great gift to someone you know who loves handmade things.

Just imagine how festive you would feel setting your warm cup of joe down on one of these beauties! Rachel outdid herself with this terrific pattern!

I love the idea of making the stem a different color too! It really makes the leaf colors pop!






4. Simple Leaf Garland by Little Conkers

by Little Conkers
by Little Conkers

This pattern will be on Ravelry and I think it is so beautiful!

Again, for those that appreciate the minimalist style, this is definitely the pattern for you.

I love how they displayed the garland laid out on a table spread. It really shows off the garland’s beautiful simplicity!

They did a great job with this one!






3. Acorn and Leaf Combo Garland by Just Pootling

by Just Pootling
by Just Pootling

This is a beautiful example by Kate of how you can mix different patterns together.

She is very thorough in her tutorial and I think you will enjoy making this pattern. This garland is unique and beautiful!

While this particular garland is a little more time consuming I think the overall look is well worth the time and effort!

Her color combos are spot on too!






2.Lacy Maple Leaf by Marifu

by Marifu
by Marifu

This pattern does cost money but I think it is definitely worth it! The design is so delicate and intricate that you can see the time spent creating each and every little detail.

This is really a beautiful leak design and I think you would enjoy creating this pattern.

The designer did a truly fabulous job!






1. Branch of Leaves by Lyubava Crochet 

Branch of Leaves by Lyubava Crochet
by Lyubava Crochet

This pattern is another pattern to purchase and it is a part of an infinity scarf.

Still, I felt like it was a great addition to a fall garland and that’s one reason why I chose to add it to this roundup.

I really believe it is a stunning leaf combo and unique to other patterns that are available out there.

You’ll enjoy making this one and adding it to your fall decor project!





I hope you enjoyed this roundup and are inspired to create something unique for your home! You can mix and match any of these patterns together and they will all look great! Fall is such a huge time of inspiration for me and I hope to continue creating a home that is completely handmade!

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