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How to Make This Crochet Heart Blanket!

Do you love making crochet blankets? How about a crochet heart blanket?

Today’s pattern is such a fun one to create if you’re looking for a handmade gift for a friend!

A crochet heart blanket meant for a queen!

I love this design so much and I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

This blanket is a little more advanced, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this awesome video tutorial below:

Below you will find all the info you need:

  • materials
  • tips for success
  • and all the pattern details for making a baby blanket size

Want to make this crochet heart blanket in another size?

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Abbreviations in US Terms

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

DCB – double crochet bobble

***How to complete the DCB stitch***

YO, place hook into designated stitch. YO, draw up a loop. YO, draw through 2 loops. YO, place into the same space. YO, draw up a loop. YO, draw through 2 loops. YO, place into the same space. YO, draw up a loop. YO, draw through 2 loops. YO, draw through all the loops on your hook.

GAUGE: 3.75”rows X 3.25”sts = 1” squared

Worked in a multiple of 6+3

***This pattern is a 4-row repeat. Each repeat should measure appr. 1.5”

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LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced


YARN: Worsted weight (size 4) acrylic yarn. (I used the acrylic yarn BIG TWIST – value)  ***amounts needed will be placed under each blanket size***

*Please note: You have full permission to sell finished pieces from this pattern. All I ask is that you give credit to the original design & designer:


Baby Blanket (appr. 30”X36”)

***appr. 1200 yards of acrylic , size 4 yarn

(using your main color yarn; red) 

CH 99

R1 – DC in the 4th CH from the hook. Continue with DCs in each stitch all the way across. CH 1. Turn.

R2 – (CH 1 counts as a SC) SC in each stitch all the way across. Tie off and change colors for making your hearts.

***change to the desired color for creating the hearts; white***

R3 – CH 1 . Place 1 DCB into the same space as the CH 1. ***see pattern notes for learning how to make this stitch*** CH 2, skip the next 5 sts. *1 DCB – CH 2 – 1 DCB all into the same stitch. CH 2, skip the next 5 sts.* Repeat from * to * ending with 1 DCB in the last stitch. Tie off and change back to your main color.

R4 – CH 1. SC into the top of the DCB of the previous row. CH 2. *place a SC in each of the 3 its skipped in the previous row (referring to the middle 3 out of the 5 you skipped on the previous row) making sure to draw them up to the height of a DC. CH 2, SC in the middle of the “heart” or the middle of the DCBs of the previous row. CH 2.* Repeat from * to * ending with a SC in the last st. CH 2. Turn.

R5 – (CH 2 counts as a DC) DC in each CH 2 space of the previous row. DC in each SC stitch of the previous row all the way across. CH 1. Turn.

R6 – (CH 1 counts as a SC) SC in each stitch all the way across. Tie off and change colors.

R7 – R136: repeat rows 3 – 6. Tie off and weave in all your ends.

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