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Don’t know what to do with Shawl in a Ball from Lion Brand? Check out this FREE pattern!

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I recently picked up some Shawl in a Ball from JoAnn and I fell absolutely in LOVE! The texture of this yarn is so delicate yet the colorways are bold and beautiful.

I had asked our facebook group which style of scarf they liked. The options were:

  • Jumbo
  • Triangle
  • Regular

I had many say they loved the triangle style and with that, the idea for this design was born.


  • H hook
  • 1 skein of Shawl in a Ball (appr.  481 yards if using a different yarn)
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle



Using the c2c method, we are going to simply start from the corner going wider and wider until we are just about out of yarn.

Here is my video tutorial for the c2c method:

Now for this pattern, we are not going to be decreasing. We are only increasing. Once you get the length you will simply tie off (be sure to leave enough yarn to make tassels) and then you’re done!

CH 6

DC into the 4th CH from the hook.

DC in the next 2 CHs

Turn. CH 6

DC into the 4th CH from the hook. DC into the next 2 CHs.

SL ST to TCH to join.

CH 3

3 DC in TCH

From here you will repeat this over and over until you have 43 little rectangles going across the top. Tie off and you can either weave in your ends or you can make tassels!

What I love most about this design is how well the c2c method complements this yarn and vice versa. You honestly can’t tell it’s even corner-to-corner which is really neat. Be sure to pick Shawl in a Ball by lion brand so you can make one of these beauties for yourself or a friend!

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15 thoughts on “Don’t know what to do with Shawl in a Ball from Lion Brand? Check out this FREE pattern!

    1. Making them first is best! Sometimes it depends on how fluffy you want your tassels too. You could eyeball how much you would need and then wait until afterward!

  1. we get so few yarns here in manila. i discovered the shawl in a ball yarn and i fell in love with it. i think I’m hoarding all the colors i can get

  2. I picked up this yarn at Walmart then found your video and post. It’s very helpful for me as a beginner at crochet. It will make a beautiful prayer shawl. Thanks!

  3. I’ve bought several different colors of shawl in a ball. Didn’t like pattern on wrapper. For 1st one im using a lean stick tripled width for more of a wrap. . This one im trying next.thanks for video and patterrn

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