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Rag Wreath Tutorial – YarnHookNeedles

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rag wreath tutorial pinterest photo.jpg

Here is a fabulous craft anyone can do!

If you know how to use scissors, can tie a knot and measure things there’s NO WAY you can fail!

This is a rag wreath I made for my boys. The theme in their room is Dinosaurs and my oldest son LOVES the colors green and red!

Since he’s the oldest and the only boy in the room who can actually talk we went with his color scheme choice!

rag wreath photo 1.jpg

I chose 3 coordinating fabrics and proceeded to cut , cut, CUT!

The dimensions were approximate so be aware this project is VERY forgiving!

I measures appr. 6in long with 1.5in width. I’m not exactly sure how many strips I cut but if you’re using at minimum 3 fabrics you could easily make a wreath out of fat quarters.

Also, I didn’t “stuff” the wreath full. I allowed for there to be room enough to fluff out the strips once I tied them on.

Feel free to play around with it and make it exactly how you want!

Honestly the most time consuming part is the cutting. But if you have a rotary blade you could knock this part out in no time.

rag wreath photo 2.jpg

Once you have all your strips cut and organized it is simply a matter of following the pattern you set and filling up your wire wreath.

These wreaths are relatively inexpensive about $5 for 3 from Walmart. The fabric was leftovers I already had from previous projects.

Once I started making this I realized how simple it was (DUH moment!) and my girls asked if they could make one for their room.


I’ll be assisting with prepping the strips but with some overseeing from mom they’ll be able to make their very first decor for their room all by themselves!

rag wreath photo 4.jpg

It’s super cute and I might add more embellishing…perhaps B-O-Y-S attached somehow.

rag wreath photo 5.jpg

For now it’s enough pizzazz for our little Lincoln-Log to constantly say, “Mommy, Mommy, ger-cal (circle)!”

rag wreath photo 6.jpg

I just LOVE it!

Super easy and a quick addition when you are redecorating a room! Once I’ve finished the boys room I plan to do a room reveal!

So stay tuned for that!






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