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Chunky Crochet Shrug with FREE Pattern Link! – YHN

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I am attending a wedding today and weeks prior to this wedding I had been thinking about how I wanted some type of shrug to go over my dress.

At the time the temps here weren’t really that cold. It wasn’t until the beginning of this last week they were predicting a huge cold front coming in. That’s when I  knew I wanted a chunky shrug style cover. I started looking all over pinterest…the crafter/maker’s google and I stumbled upon another one of Stephanie’s amazing crochet posts.

She had taken a Lion’s Brand pattern and put her own unique spin on it by adding a “pop” collar. It looked great! I decided against this for me because I’m pregnant right now and I tend to carry weight in my face. I felt like a chunky yarn up around my face would just make me look heavier.

In the future, I want to make another one in maybe a black or mustard color and I would DEFINITELY add the collar she added on. It would be the perfect addition to a solid top underneath, skinny jeans and tall riding boots with a nice leather bag.

Once I read the pattern I actually laughed out loud because it is basically my pattern for the Chunky Crochet Baby Blanket I made a while back. There are some variations with making armholes, the number of stitches etc. but if you can make a CH, SC and hand sew…YOU CAN MAKE THIS!!!

It’s crazy when you fall in love with something that is so simple and basic to make!




Stephanie had some great suggestions on ways you could REALLY make this design all your own. One of them was to continue down the armhole and make some longer sleeves. There is a Lion Brand yarn which I am going to try this with. I feel like it would “shrug” perfectly and give that gorgeous oversized look that is all the rage this fall season!




For my design, I used 4 skeins of yarn and had two strings put together. It cost about $12 to make and around 3 hours give or take with potty breaks and needing a drink or snack.

I love the color and I was able to find this yarn at my local Walmart. It’s an acrylic yarn but I will admit there are a few colors on I have been eyeballing! Maybe for Christmas 🙂

I really believe if you give this pattern a try you will fall in love with it just as much as I have and it would make a terrific gift for someone you love! I actually am already working on another one because of someone super special I have in mind to gift it too!



Head over to Stephanie’s blog and give this project a try!

Let her know I sent you!

Don’t know how to crochet? No problem! You can place a custom order for this shrug from me in my Etsy Shop! Head over now!

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