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Learn How to Make These Adorable Crochet Bow Headbands – YarnHookNeedles

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If if you have daughters, granddaughters or even a friend or two with little girls. Then you are gonna love today’s free pattern!

I have always adored those simple, cute nylon headbands you see when scrolling through Instagram or browsing Etsy. They’re irresistible right? I knew I wanted to create my own version using Crochet and I think you’ll enjoy what I have come up with.

The yarns I used for this project are from Caron in the simply soft line. You could easily interchange yarns for cotton, wool or any other fiber blend you prefer.

I really love the massive color selections available from this particular line of yarns so I opted for this one.

I found an Etsy shop selling the nylon bands I used and I was pleased with how quickly I received them as well as the price!

I will link below the Etsy shop so you can purchase the same bands if you so desire.



What I used…

A size G hook


Tapestry needle

Nylon headband




the Pattern…

start by chaining 21

Row 1 – sc in second chain from the hook. Continue with sc all the way across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2 – 6 – sc in each chain all the way across.

When you finish row 6 you will then bring your ends together and sl st them so as to create a “ring” . Tie off.

Then, you will cut about a 2.5 foot long string of yarn to wrap around the middle giving the ring a bow look. You will start by tying one end of the long string in a double knot around the center of the ring you made. While holding the nylon you will begin to wrap the yarn around the ring and nylon until you have about 6in left.

Taking your tapestry needle, you will then weave in the tail on the undersides of the bow. Cut any remaining yarn. At this point your bow is ready to wear! You can however add a small piece of felt with hot glue so as to reinforce the tie off of your yarn but it isn’t necessary.



Another reason I love the nylon Headbands is because the nylon will stretch even to an adults head size. So you can create bow headbands for whatever size you want!

Leave a comment or send an email if you have any questions!


Etsy Shop for the Nylon Bands


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