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Learn How to Make this Simple Apron with This FREE Tutorial!

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Hello, Friends!

Jen from Teal&Finch is back with us today and is teaching us all about how to make an adorable, customizable apron for yourself, kiddo or a friend!

She’s included lots of photos, videos and everything you would need in order to create a gorgeous apron. Be sure you’re following her on social media as well as her YouTube channel so you can get notifications every time she uploads a new video.

Grab your materials and let’s get started!



Ruffle Apron in Any Size


Approximately one yard of linen or cotton fabric

1/4yd or scrap of contrasting fabric, tulle, or lace for the ruffle.


Fabric marker (get yours on Amazon HERE)

Turning tools (get yours on Amazon HERE)

Pinking shears (optional) get yours on Amazon HERE

Traditional sewing supplies: fabric scissors, matching thread, etc.


AD-FREE Version Available for $1.99 at the end of the post!

You’ll need two measurements for this tutorial:

  1. Waist
  2. Desired length (usually from waist to 1-2” above knee)



Cut your pieces:

Apron front and back (cut 2 rectangles the same size)

Width = waist measurement

Length = desired length + 3.5”

For example, my daughter’s waist is 24” and the desired length was 18”. So I cut two pieces 24”x21.5”.  If you want your ruffle to be larger (i.e. for an adult) you could increase the 3.5” to 4.5”.



Cut 3 long rectangles that you’ll eventually sew together:

One piece = Waist measurement x 4”

Two pieces = 17”x4”



Cut one rectangle = (waist measurement + 6”) x 3”


Beginning with the ruffle…

Fold it in half lengthwise and press. Then we want to finish the raw edges of both short ends by turning the piece right side up and folding the edges right side together. Sew this edge.  Repeat for the other side.

Flip the edge right side out and poke the corner with the tip of your scissors or a pencil.

Sew a gathering stitch along the long raw edge and then gently gather.  If gathering is a new technique for you, you can view a gathering video here.


Set the ruffle aside.

Picking up the 3 pieces of the ties, sew the short edges together to make one long rectangle.  Trim seam allowance and press open.

Fold the rectangle right sides together and press the entire strip.  Sew along the long raw edges and along one short end, leaving the other end open. Clip the corners of the sewn end.

Turn the tie right side out using your favorite turning method. If this is a new technique, you can view a helpful the video here.

Press the tie well and fold in the raw edges of the unfinished end.  Top stitch the end closed.

Set the tie aside.

Picking up the two apron pieces…Lay them down flat, one directly on top of the other.  Use a bowl and your fabric marker to trace a rounded curve on one bottom corner.

Cut through both pieces along the curved line that you traced. You can repeat this procedure on the other bottom edge or fold the other side directly underneath the first and use the previously cut corner as a guide to cut the second corner.

Pin the apron pieces together and sew along all 4 sides, leaving a 4” opening towards the top of one side for turning later.

Trim the raw edges to reduce the seam allowance. It’s helpful to use pinking shears, especially around the curves, but not necessary. If you don’t have pinking shears, you can clip a few notches into each curve, being careful not to cut the seam.

Pull the fabric through the opening to turn the apron right side out.  Press well. Fold in the raw edges of the opening and press those well. Pin so you can topstitch it closed later. Then measure down 2” along the top of the apron and place pins (or draw a line with your fabric marker) so  you can sew a gathering stitch along this line.

Top stitch the side opening closed and sew two gathering stitches along the 2” line. Pull both top threads to gather the top of the apron.

Pin the white ruffle into place, matching the gathering threads so the ruffle gathering thread is directly on top of the apron’s gathering stitches. Sew if desired, or skip to the next step.

Find the center of the tie and pin it to the center of the apron, covering the gathering stitches. Pin in place and topstitch the top edge of the tie to the apron.

Now pin along the bottom edge of the tie, smoothing the skirt gathers carefully so they will be straight as you sew. You will have some ripples on the back of the apron, this will make the pretty gathers under the tie. 

Topstitch the bottom edge of the tie and you’re all done!


These aprons are perfect for holiday baking! You can whip up a few just in time for Christmas. Or, you can make these beauties anytime of year for those cooking lovers.





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