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Crochet Snowflakes with 2 Free Patterns!

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Crochet Snowflake patterns in 2 styles and sizes!

Today I am sharing with you some super cute and easy snowflake patterns. We decided we were going all handmade with ornaments this year…except for the lights. I’m no Edison!

I’m sure everyone else in the country already has their tree up but, we are having to coordinate things around my husband’s work schedule. Therefore we LITERALLY had to pencil in when we are getting the tree! Craziness!!

These snowflakes are just a few of the handmade ornaments we made for this year’s tree. In fact, you can look forward to a “Decorate the Tree with Me!” post this Saturday! I’ll be sharing a fun time lapse video of all 8 of us attempting to decorate together. It will be quite the show I promise!

For today we are talking snowflakes!

I grew up in Texas and I was in my 20s before I EVER saw snow. I’m hooked! I love the peacefulness of a snowy day and I love how the crisp white seems to make everything beautiful. This was one reason I knew I was going to make snowflakes for some of our ornaments.

I was looking all over Pinterest for some existing patterns. I discovered several but some of them weren’t written in the clearest of ways.

I found two which I really liked and felt they were good for any level of crocheter. There is a big one with more detailing and then a little one as well. Both patterns work up rather easily. The little pattern doesn’t require blocking but I would recommend doing it with the bigger snowflake.


  • E 3.50MM Hook
  • White cotton yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • glue/water mixture

Really you can use any size hook you desire. I liked the sizes this hook produced. But you could easily go bigger or smaller!


Crochet Snowflake patterns in 2 styles and sizes!


I didn’t write the pattern for the larger snowflake but go to this site and on the photo are the English instructions for the pattern!


Crochet Snowflake patterns in 2 styles and sizes!

For the smaller snowflakes here is what I did…


Ch 5, SL ST to CH 1 space

Rnd 1 – CH 4 (acts as the first HDC, CH 2), * HDC inside the loop, CH 2, HDC inside the loop, * repeat until you have a total of 6 HDC posts, SL ST to CH 3 space of the first CH 4

Rnd 2 – SL ST into space, CH 3, SL ST into same space, CH 5, SL ST into same space, CH 3, SL ST into same space, SL ST into next space, CH 3 SL ST into same space, CH 5, SL ST into same space, CH 3, SL ST into same space (repeat until all spaces are fill with the Ch3/CH5/CH3 combo) SL ST at the very end, tie off and weave in ends.

Crochet Snowflake patterns in 2 styles and sizes!

For attaching a string to hang as an ornament a very thin jute would be beautiful and rustic. You could also get a contrasting color like red in a very thin ribbon.

Really make is your own!

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