If you’re looking for a perfectly textured blanket pattern, the alpine stitch blanket will be your favorite options! Want multiple sizing options? Purchase the PDF for all the blanket sizes:

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Inside the PDF you will find exact patterns for making the following sizes:

  • Crib size
  • Twin size
  • Throw size
  • Full size
  • Queen size
  • King size

Below you will find the free baby size of appr. 30″ X 36″ 

There is also a full video tutorial teaching you how to create the stitch perfectly and giving you alternative options if you find you are running into issues with the blanket curling on you.

alpine blanket

alpine blanket

How the Alpine Blanket Came to Be!

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This design was inspired by a co-worker of my husband’s who is having their first little one. Also, I love Colorado and the tranquility which comes after spending time in the woods. So, with those factors in mind, the Alpine was born.

I love working with textures and finding different ways to help bring the yarn to life (look at the Tunisian dress I designed for Lion Brand!)It has been so much fun seeing so many makers create their own inspired versions of this pattern so if you do try your hand at the Alpine I would love to see it!

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If you’re ready to get started, be sure you grab your materials and head below for all the details to make your very own Alpine blanket!


***Post stitches are worked around the previous right side DC/FPDC row.

How to have success while making the Alpine Blanket

Due to the nature of post stitches and the variety of crocheter’s tension and preference I recommend that you do a sample swatch prior to starting the blanket pattern. 

If you notice that the blanket is curling, there are a few things that you can do to alleviate that. 

  1. You could continue and block the blanket after it is completed. 
  2. You could try adjusting your tension by using a bigger hook size. 
  3. Or, you could replace the FPDC with a FPTR (front post triple crochet) as shown in the video.

If you want to do stripes like me, simply do 7 rows in color A and 10 rows in color B.  This pattern is designed to begin and end with 7 rows of color A (so the blanket will begin and end in the same color stripe).

Check out this awesome free crochet top pattern! Perfect for beginners!

Be sure to change colors after finishing a SC across row. Otherwise, the color change will look very odd!




GAUGE:  3 stitches x 2.5 rows = 1 inch x 1 inch


  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • FPDC – front post double crochet
  • ST – stitch
  • CH – chain

Click HERE to go to the U.K. Crochet Terms version of this pattern.

PATTERN: baby blanket size 30″ x 36″

*** Please note you can exchange the FPDC for an FPTC if your work is starting to curl

CH 84

row 1 – (with color A) DC in the 4th CH from the hook. DC in each stitch across. CH 3. Turn.

row 2 – (ch 3 counts as first DC), * FPDC (front post double crochet) into the next DC post (below). DC into the next st. Repeat from * ending with a DC in the last st. CH 1. Turn.

row 3 – (ch 1 counts as first SC). SC in each stitch across. CH 3. Turn.

row 4 – (ch 3 counts as first DC), *DC into the next st. FPDC (front post double crochet) into the next DC post (below). Repeat from * ending with a DC in the last st. CH 1. Turn

row 5 – (ch 1 counts as first SC). SC in each stitch across. CH 3. Turn.

rows 6 – 92: you will simply repeat rows 2 – 5 (If doing stripes like me, be sure to change colors after 7 rows of color A and 10 rows of color B)

Tie off and weave in your ends!

alpine blanket

alpine blanket

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alpine stitch

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