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Valentine’s Day Mug Cozy with FREE Ravelry Pattern! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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I am a total coffee lover! I love trying a new coffee, experimenting with different spices, creams and more. My ultimate desire is to own my own coffee shop some day!

I found this adorable mug pattern and then added a sweet little heart decal in honor of Valentine’s Day! I think after the holidays I will add a simple little square pocket for holding a tea bag, sugar packet etc.

These work up REALLY fast and they are absolutely adorable!



The buttons I found in these two colors, white and natural at JoAnn’s. They were $1.60 for two. I hope to eventually have my own branded YHN wooden buttons for projects like this, but for now, these were adorable!



All I did was…

CH 4

3 Treble Crochet in 1st ST, 3 DC in same ST, 1 Treble Crochet in same ST, 3 DC in same ST, 3 Treble Crochet in same ST, SL ST to tie off. You can then spread the stitches to make the heart lay flat and then leave a long tail to sew on to the cozy!

If you don’t crochet you can STILL get your hands on these adorable mug cozies by visiting my Etsy Shop!

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If you are local to the Wichita Kansas area I will be attending the Craftapalooza this year as a vendor! I am so excited to get involved as a maker in my local community! The sweet little cozies will be available there too!

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