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Valentine’s Day Ear Warmer with FREE Pattern Link! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017!!! I am so glad to be kicking off this new year with an awesome pattern I know you will LOVE making for Valentine’s Day!

I found this pattern on Ravelry, (go get an account there if you haven’t already! It’s FREE!)

I was super stoked because my girls love these type of projects and I knew when I saw this pattern they would go bananas over it. I have some VERY girly-girls! My oldest was so excited when she saw the hearts and was asking, “Is this going to be for ‘I Love You’ day?” So cute!

Overall, this pattern is relatively easy, however, there is one round where I was confused a little with the written directions. I am a visual/auditory learner and sometimes I need to actually see someone do something in order to understand.



Thank GOODNESS Tamara created a ‘How-to’ video for the exact section I was struggling with! I would recommend watching the video before attempting the pattern just so you can be sure you do the section correctly.

Once I made it through that particular row, everything worked up fast and easy! I think you’ll be pleased with not only the size but also the cuteness factor this ear warmer offers.



I did a red/pink combo but you could easily mix it up by mixing together some of the following:

  • gray/pink
  • gray/white
  • pink/white
  • red/white
  • deep purple/white
  • purple/pink
  • gray/purple

The possibilities are endless!



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