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Valentine’s Crochet Booties for Baby with FREE Pattern Link! – YHN

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I always love the look of handmade booties on little babies! They are so sweet and make for a treasured keepsake gift!

I found this pattern on the Lion Brand site and fell in LOVE with them! I knew I wanted to work some up and then share the pattern here with you so you could enjoy making some for yourself!

This is a pattern I would rate between EASY and MEDIUM. I don’t know why but for some reason shoe patterns are a struggle for me. I really have to concentrate when doing these. Somehow I always manage to get my strap for the shoe off center or I will mess up and have the shoe slanting for some reason.

I don’t know how I do it but I manage somehow! Maybe those of you who have been doing this for years can give me some pointers down in the comments!

Either way, this is a great little pattern and I am sure most out there would have no problem creating these!



I used the heart pattern from my Valentine’s Mug Cozy I shared with you the other day and it’s the same pattern I have used with any of the projects I’ve shared with a heart applique.

I am adding appliques to my Etsy Shop so you don’t have to worry about making these. They will be sold in sets of 12 and 24. You can check those out down below!



If you want to make a pair of these adorable booties for you or a friend, then head down below and follow the link to the FREE pattern!


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