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TMNT Two-Finger Crochet Gloves with Pattern!!! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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Last week I shared with you the TMNT mask and everyone loved that post! In fact, a few people loved it so much, when I posted it on Instagram I had folks putting in orders right on the spot!



I guess I REALLY underestimated the popularity of TMNT. My husband quickly let me in on what I was obviously missing!

I recently joined Ravelry…I know, I know I’m a little late to the game! However, I’m on there now and you can friend me to stay up to date with the projects I’m working on from there.

I will mention, Ravelry could potentially become a dangerous place for me. I can already see myself filling up my library and starting umpteen projects and not completing a single one! Ugh, the problems we makers face!

Seriously, though, I limited myself to starting out with only two and then making an effort to complete those projects and THEN adding some more. I can at least check one off the list! These amazing little two-finger gloves!


The pattern designer created several size variations. So for any child between the ages of 2-12 you’d be able to make a pair of these adorable..ahem I mean COOL gloves!

You can purchase the pattern HERE ON RAVELRY!!!

I really enjoyed making these and even learned a new stitch out of it! I hadn’t worked with a FDC stitch before so it was fun to add that to my knowledge.

If you do wind up making a pair of these please share them with the pattern designer on Ravelry! I know as a pattern designer myself it is always fun to see the things people make from your original creations!


You can always share your finished items here in the comments or tag me in your projects on Instagram!

What are some other character projects you would like to see? Are there any specific patterns you’ve been looking for? Are there patterns you would like to try but want to see someone else’s’ finished work first?

Let me know! I would be glad to try them out for you, find what your looking for or even design something custom based off of what you’re looking for!

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Hope you have an awesome day!

Until next time…

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