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The Tiny Twist Crochet Stitch with FREE Pattern! – YHN


Today I want to share with you a simply beautiful crochet stitch I recently learned. I really loved how easily this pattern worked up!

I have also designed a child’s cowl based on this stitch pattern which I will also be sharing with you here on YHN.

One thing you will love about this stitch is how elegant it looks!

I really felt this stitch was best shown off in a cowl design, but you could easily make a baby blanket using a nice, soft yarn and it would be equally as beautiful!


  • H hook for a tighter stitch
  • 1 skein yarn
  • scissors

Some suggestions if you’re using a chunky yarn, an N hook would be a perfect size especially if you were wanting to make a larger cowl or even a thrown. I think this stitch pattern could be beautiful and just as delicate even in a larger gauge.


Chain multiples for 3+2

**this is a 4-row pattern with a repeat of 3 rows

R1 – SC  in the 2nd CH from the hook and then continue along all the way across your work. CH 1, Turn

R2 – SC in the 1st SC;  * CH 2, skip next 2 SC STS, SC in next ST; rep from *, CH 3, turn.

R3 – DC in CH 2 space, CH 1, DC in next CH 2 space, DC AGAIN in the previous CH 2 space (you’ll be working backward), CH 1, * DC in the next CH 2 space, DC AGAIN in the previous Ch 2 space, CH 1 (you’ll be working backward); rep from * all the way across ending with DC in the last SC, turn, CH 1

R4 – SC in first DC; continue with SC all the way across, CH 1, turn

Repeat rows 2-4 for as long as you want your work.


In my opinion, I think the SC stitches aren’t large enough to create a visual distinction between the crosses and CH spaces. I would recommend swapping out the SC for DC in Row 4. This is totally up to you but I believe it would add to the beauty of this pattern. I plan on creating an adult cowl pattern with this change and sharing it here.

the Tiny Twist Crochet Stitch with FREE Pattern! – YHN


This is a glimpse of the child’s cowl I created using this pattern. I’m sharing this pattern later today so be sure to subscribe down below so you don’t miss out on stitch patterns and completed item patterns!

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Until next time…

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