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30 Days of Beanies! The Noah Beanie is the Perfect Pattern for Making Quick Handmade Gifts! – YarnHookNeedles

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It’s another day and that means another FREE beanie pattern!

If you’re new here then you will be delighted to learn I am doing a fun series for the month July. In this series I am sharing with you 30 different beanie designs I have created specifically for you!

Pretty awesome huh?

Today is the super simple Noah Beanie!


  • J Hook
  • size 6 yarn
  • scissors
  • XL pompom maker
  • tapestry needle


  • CH (chain)
  • SC (single crochet)
  • DC (double crochet)
  • SL ST (slip stitch)


CH 8

Row 1 – DC in the 4th CH from the hook. Continue with DCs all the way across. CH 2. Turn.

Row 2 –  DC in the BACK LOOPS only all the way across. CH 2. Turn.

Row 3 – ? : repeat row 2 until you have a brim as long as you need for your specific size.

***to connect the brim into a circle you will SL ST the sides together. Then, you will flip the brim right side out and CH 1. From here we will work the beanie in the round.



Rnd 1 – SC all the way around (any number of sts). SL ST to CH 1. CH 1.

Rnd 2 – 19: HDC in the BACK LOOPS only all the way around. SL ST to CH 1. Tie off leaving an extra long tail for sewing the top closed.



***to close the beanie you will weave your long tail in and out the top sts. Pulling everything closed you will then sew the top closed for extra security. Weave in and you’re done!

From here you can leave the top closed or you can add an XL pom pom or faux fur pom pom! Make it all your own and finish it off however you see fit!

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