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If you’re looking for something light-weight to wear in the Fall then you will love the Grace beanie!

I designed it with warmer days in mind. More specifically the spring and early fall. I know those of us who love to sport our knitwear as much as possible appreciate a lighter design. I can even see this one being made in a cotton yarn for cooler summer days!


  • size 4 Yarn
  • K hook
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle


CH (chain)

DC (double crochet)

SL ST (slip stitch)



CH 15

Row 1 – In the 4th CH from the hook you will add a DC. Continue with DC all the way across. CH 3. Turn.

Row 2 – 36: DC in the BACK LOOPS all the way across. CH 3. Turn

Join the ends together by doing a SL ST all the way across. CH 2.

***From here we will be working in the round to create the body of the beanie.


Rnd 1 – Working the same ST as your CH 1 you will place a DC – CH 3 – DC – DC. Then you will skip the next 3 sts. *In the next ST you will place a DC – DC – CH 3 – DC – DC. Skip the next 3 sts. Rep from * all the way around. SL ST to the top of the CH 3.

Rnd 2 – Working in the same space as your CH 3 you will place a DC – CH 3 – DC – DC. *Then you will skip over the previous row’s group of sts and place the same DC – DC – CH 3 – DC – DC into space between the grouped sts of the previous row.  Rep from * all the way around. SL ST to the top of the CH 3.

Rnd 3 – 8: Repeat rnd 2. Tie off leaving a long tail for sewing the top closed.


Using your long tail you will weave in and out of the top stitches pulling everything tightly closed.

Weave in the ends.


You can add a topper to the beanie if you would like but I chose to leave the pom off. I felt like a pom would take away from the delicate stitches. But you can feel free to create it exactly how you would like!

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Beanies! Need a light, simple beanie pattern? Check out the Grace beanie for FREE on the YarnHookNeedles Blog!”

  1. The Grace Beanie looks like most of the pattern is missing??? 15 sets? Only chains and Double crochet?? Only 3 rows???
    Where’s the rest?

    1. Hi, Evy!
      I looked back through the post and the entire pattern is there. I have broken the beanie up into the ribbed brim section and then the beanie section. Let me know if you’re still having issues and I will do my best to make sure you have the pattern! I appreciate your stopping by!

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