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Princess Ariel Crochet Crown with Hair! FREE Pattern – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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If you haven’t noticed or if you’re new here, you might not have been seeing my crochet obsession with the Disney Princesses.

Here are the Princesses I have done so far:





My girls are on cloud nine right now as I have been designing and making at least one of these a week!

Our youngest daughter is a total firecracker and when she realized I was making Ariel and ALL THAT RED HAIR, she insisted I wait to eat my dinner and make her the crown with red hair first! It was super cute!



Just like the other crowns, these designs are simple, easy and can be done very quickly. With this crown design, I wanted to somewhat emulate ocean waves. As you’ll notice in the pattern and in the photos, instead of points I did waves along the top of this crown.

I also went ahead and did three strands of yarn together for the hair like I did with the Jasmine crown. I have determined I much prefer the thickness with three rather than two.


  • H hook
  • 1 skein of sea foam green
  • 1 skein of red
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle

You can also add jewel embellishment like I did with the Elsa crown. It’s totally up to you!



Work in multiples of 2 so you can easily create a crown for an older child or an adult for a Halloween costume

CH 56 ( this is for a toddler crown), SL ST to CH 1 space; CH 2

Rnd 1 – DC all the way around; SL ST to top of Ch 2; CH 2

Rnd 2 – HDC all the way around; SL ST to top pf CH 2; Ch 1

Rnd 3 – SC all the way around; SL ST to top of CH 1

Rnd 4 – SL ST to first SC space, *HDC in next ST, DC in next ST, TRC in next ST, DC in next ST, HDC in next ST, SL ST in next ST; rep from * to the end; SL ST to CH 1 space; tie off; weave in ends.


Looking back at any of the other crown patterns you can see how easily I attached the hair.

That’s it! Pretty easy huh?

The most “time-consuming” thing would be putting the hair on. But really, it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Most likely less than that, however.



If you make a crown from this pattern I would LOVE to see it! You can tag me on Instagram or you can share it here as well!

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I hope you have an awesome Friday!

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