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Learn How to Become a Pattern Tester for YarnHookNeedles!

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Since starting this blog I have fallen in love with our growing community! I love how much you guys interact with me through email, social media and now our private Facebook group!

Today I am asking those of you who are interested in getting your hands on patterns before anyone else, if you would like to become a pattern tester. Right now I am offering this to crocheters and I will be opening it up to knitters if you guys express your desire for this as an option as well.

Should we have knitter pattern testers? Comment down below or email me!

Here is what you will get when you become a pattern tester:
immediate access to unpublished patterns for FREE
patterns in PDF download format

the opportunity for your finished designs to be featured for FREE on the YHN blog and all across our social media platforms
and so much more!

You all are so incredibly talented and I would love to be able to “work together” like this so as to make our community even more knit together! Pun intended! LOL

There’s nothing more you need to do then head down below and subscribe to my pattern testers list! BE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!

I look forward to working with you soon!

***DISCLAIMER: you are not obligated to complete the patterns sent to you. This is simply an opportunity I am offering for those who would be interested. All I ask is you not share or resell the patterns you are “testing” any where online. You are welcome to sell products you make from these patterns as long as you credit the design back to this site!

30 thoughts on “Learn How to Become a Pattern Tester for YarnHookNeedles!

  1. I am a self taught crocheted and I love to try New patterns. I consider myself intermediate. I love big projects suck as blankets or throws, I also love making hats for kids. Thank you for your time ??

  2. Hi! That’s awesome, I would love to become a pattern tester! I learned crochet from a friend’s workshop and since then I never stop searching for cool stuff to make!

    1. How neat to learn from a friend! Just be sure you’re subscribed to YarnHookNeedles and you will be included in all of the pattern testing emails! Thanks so much for coming and sharing where you learned to crochet!

  3. I learned to crochet (and knit) by my mother when I was 8 years old. Mom cannot read patterns but she can look at a stitch then recreate it. I envy her that talent. When I was 16 I saw a blanket I wanted to make for my mom. My best friend’s mom taught me to read the pattern and I made it. My mom envies me that I can read patterns. I now can “talk” my mom through pattern instructions. My daughter is in college and Crochet’s to relax.

    1. That is so neat! You’re totally right now, to have the skill to just look at a piece and then recreate it…WOW!!! That is some mad skill 🙂
      I too enjoy crocheting and knitting to relax!
      Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I would love to become a pattern tester. My sister taught me to crochet when I quit my job to stay home with my children. I haven’t stopped since and I also taught myself to knit. I love creating new things and have done a variety of projects ranging from small newborn shoes to mermaid tale afghans ? Many blessings!

  5. I have just found your site and am sorry to say that I have never tried your patterns but will go look for them no. I am 3 yrs out from lung cancer and spend most of my days crocheting. I have severe stenosis in my back which keeps me from moving walking for long periods of time. I learned to crochet and knit in high school and I am 72 soon to be 73 and am so happy I have this craft. Crocheting keeps me calm. I hope you will consider me for testing a pattern. I have been doing mostly craft shows the past 6 years. Thank you, Noreen

    1. Hello, Noreen!

      I’m sorry to hear of your difficult physical struggles but I am glad to know you have found something enjoyable to do most days! I love how a timeless craft can unite so many people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures and more!
      I will definitely mark you down as a tester! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  6. I would love to be a pattern tester if your still in need. I taught myself how to crochet and it is a stress reliever for me.

  7. Hi YHN! I taught myself to crochet about 2yrs ago by reading a pattern and youtibing the how to of each stitch. My works have always been praised as being “so neat” and “beautifully made”, and would love to be a pattern tester for you if still needed.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks so much Carla for commenting! I am putting a pattern tester “kit” together and will be sending out an email VERY soon with more details of future projects etc! Be on the lookout!

  8. Hi YHN! I taught myself to crochet about 2yrs ago by reading a pattern and youtibing the how to of each stitch. My works have always been praised as being “so neat” and “beautifully made”, and would love to be a pattern tester (crochet/knit) for you if still needed.
    Kind regards,

  9. I would love to be a pattern tester. I can look at most pics and recreate the stitches used but I’m also adapt at reading patterns and making necessary adjustments.

  10. Hello! I just subscribed to your list and would love to test some of your patterns!
    I have been crocheting since I was 15/16 years old, (about 20+ years). I am still eager for new patterns, techniques, and stitches. One can never get bored with crochet. At least I can’t lol.

  11. Hey YHN,
    I would also love to test any patterns you have. I would say my crochet skill level is upper intermediate. My father’s sister taught me to crochet about 8 years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed every project I tried. Please keep me in mind for any future tests, best regards ☺

  12. I’ve been crocheting now for 3yrs self taught by watching YouTube tutorials, within 6 months I learnt to read patterns .. I’m in the UK ,I learnt US stitch terms first and I do know UK terms too.. I have done many crafts over the years ,jewellery making,cross-stitch etc..once I learnt crochet that was it, it is my passion..I would say I was intermediate crocheted ,I love a challenge and doing new stuff

    1. That’s awesome! I am putting together a list now for testers and I will notify you as soon as everything gets organized. Thanks so much for wanting to be a tester!

  13. I would love to test some patterns! I’ve technically been crocheting since I was a little girl, but last fall is when I really took off with it. I’m probably an intermediate skill level.

  14. Hi! I’ve been crocheting since I was in the 8th grade in 1978, but really got back into it 6 years ago. I love crocheting & would love to be pattern tester!

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