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Ninja Turtle Mask with FREE Pattern Link – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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Today I am sharing with you the amazing pattern I discovered on Pinterest…


The Crochet  Ninja Turtle Hat with Mask Pattern

I decided I was going to make this for my son’s 8th birthday. It was a HIT let me tell you! He was so thrilled to open the package and find this unique gift inside. I think any boy would enjoy playing around with this mask. Even a teenager!

I read through the original pattern and found myself a little confused as I was working my way through it.

However, the writer created a video to explain the confusing part. The part you might get a little lost on is when the mask is being created onto the beanie.

I would recommend just watching the video before you start the project. It would make things easier in my opinion.

Another tip, if you’re making this for a child I would recommend using a smaller hook. I had originally started making this with an H hook. I realized a little ways into the beanie section that it was making the hat too large.

When playing you would rather the beanie be a bit more snug than too big and sliding down their head over their eyes.

Another beautiful thing is how you can easily use any beanie pattern you want and simply attach Ashlea’s mask pattern to the front. This fact makes the ninja turtle mask very versatile which I love! I also like how Ashlea designs the eye holes to be more open. I feel like they look more similar to the actual turtles’ masks.

I want to make him all of the other ninja turtles masks too! I think it would be fun for all the boys to play together wearing the masks. I’m sure the girls would join in on the fun too!

If you don’t crochet I am offering these for sale! I didn’t think they would be as much of a hit as they were so if you’re interested in purchasing one you can email me at: and enter Ninja Turtle Mask in the subject line. The price I am selling them for is $21.00

I hope to be adding to the list of novelty items in the future so please stay tuned for updates. One way to do this is by subscribing down below! I will let you know first hand in my weekly newsletter what new things are coming available for purchase as well as all of the free patterns from the previous week.

I’m working on a big project I am hoping to launch in 2017. It involves YouTube and I hope to share more details with you very soon!

I’d love to see the ninja masks you make so please share them down below or tag me on Instagram with @yarnhookneedles I would be delighted to see other little ninja’s sporting their masks!

I hope you’ve had a restful weekend so far! I can hardly believe we are only two WEEKS away from Christmas! It is so crazy to think about that! I do hope you have a great week and are able to tie up all of the loose ends before the big day arrives!

Until next time…

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