Whether you crochet or knit, and have done so for a few weeks or many years. This blog was created with you in mind!

Having a passion for all things fiber, I love creating easy, intermediate and hard patterns for all levels of knitters and crocheters. Because I love this craft so much, I offer my patterns for free! But, if you’re an email subscriber, then you will occasionally get a pattern created specifically for you!

More than anything I want to know what you love to make! So never hesitate to comment or shoot me an email sharing what types of patterns you want to see.

My name is Jerica and I am the Maker behind YarnHookNeedles.com!



I started crocheting a little over 7 years ago. I am a self-taught student of this fiber art and I give all my thanks to the many wonderful folks who create YouTube tutorials! They are one reason I started a channel myself so I too could help further peoples skills.

Aside from loving to crochet and knit with a passion, I have created this blog because of all the amazing people in the maker communities across the globe!

I love seeing how different crochet and knit can look across different cultures and people groups. I NEVER want to stop learning how to better these crafts and my goal is to become one of the top go-to experts in this field!




One of my favorite things to do is combine different hobbies together.

For instance, I have some designs which will be coming out over the summer of 2017 which mix sewing and crochet; crochet and cross-stitch; painting and string art plus so much more!

There isn’t a craft I won’t try! Working with my hands is a passion and I love sharing my successes and fails in whatever craft I am working on. My motto has become, “try it no matter how scared you might be!” you won’t regret having tried!



Something else you will get while here on the blog is an introduction to lots and lots of different makers! I love trying out Indie yarns, makers of handmade hooks and needles and more!

YHN was born out a hard situation within our family. I relied on my crochet and knitting skills to help keep my hands and mind busy on hard days. I want to pass on this wonderful love of mine to my children and future grand children. My kids are my primary inspiration for what I create as well as the ideas you all share with me in your sweet comments and emails.

Cultivating a community of passionate makers from young to old is just one of the many goals I have for YarnHookNeedles. I do hope you join us and share in our love for the fiber arts!


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