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MAMA maker t-shirt Launch Campaign! Join the Movement with YarnHookNeedles

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If you been here for any length of time you know that I am a HUGE supporter of the maker world! I love letting others know about amazing, talented people I discover online. My Monday Maker series is one of the places I let others know about my latest discoveries.


I have always loved the title of “maker” and I always try to spread the word about makers who are mamas too!

Help Launch The Mama Maker Tees! A t-shirt line made specifically for ALL mama makers!

This love of community is what spawned the “MAMA maker” t-shirt design. I have big plans for the future if I can get this exclusive YHN line off the ground. Of course, I’m coming to you, my awesome readers!

I need your help to spread the word! Without all of you awesome people who frequent Etsy shops, read and comment on blogs as well as Instagram posts. We would not have a community! It’s all because of you and I want to thank you personally.

YarnHookNeedles is my place of community where I want smaller makers who are just starting out to feel they belong and are equally as talented as the makers at the “top”. I have been amazed at the talent I have discovered over the last 6 months. I would have never believed the YHN community would grow as quickly as it has! It’s all because of you!

Help Launch The Mama Maker Tees! Athletic Heather Women's T-Shirt Front

I’m sharing here the design I have created which will be available in a few t-shirt style options and select colors. I am planning to create more designs soon, but I first need to get this one up and going.


If you’re familiar with Kickstarter or GoFundMe, then you will understand how this campaign works.

I need 50 shirts to sell in order for this collection to launch completely! Just 50! There are three shirt styles with a few color options. If all 50 sell then there will be even more colors, styles, and designs to choose from in the future!

If we only get 49 then we won’t be able to launch. I know however there are enough mama makers out there who would love to sport their passion in their everyday wardrobe! Right?

Simply click the link below to be taken to the campaign and don’t forget to share on social media so other mamas can hear about this t-shirt line made just for them!

Help Launch The Mama Maker Tees!

Thanks again for coming, reading, emailing, commenting and so much more! You all are incredible and I can’t thank you enough!


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