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Looking for a Place to Connect with Other Makers? Join the YHN Community! – YarnHookNeedles

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I have been crocheting for the last eight years. I have been knitting for almost three. Both of these skills have been self-taught through videos and teaching myself how to read patterns and diagrams.

Designing more complex pieces is something I have begun to dabble in this year and I must say I am loving it.

A lot of times when I am browsing through the IGs of other makers I will learn that many (not all) were taught by their mothers, grandmothers etc. This wasn’t the case for me but I hope to be the grandmother someday who does pass on these skills. I have already begun teaching my three oldest children. I love watching them come up with designs on their own!

Since re-branding this blog in November of last year, I have fallen absolutely in love with the online maker community.

I have a few friends in town who have tried to crochet here and there but none of them are making and designing every day. So I often look to connect with makers who live and breathe the yarn, hook and needles which I do every day.

I have been inspired time and again as well as learned some things along the way.

Over the last six months as the YHN community has gotten larger and larger. I have had the honored priviledge of getting to know some of you even more. Through your comments and emails, I have had the priviledge of helping you work through problems in patterns, give me tips on how I can write better patterns. I have also been able to ask questions so-as to make sure I am making the things which you all want to see.

Over this last week I asked the followers in the Crocheters of YarnHookNeedles Facebook group what we should make for our 2017CAL.  ***the CAL was suggested by another member which I thought was REALLY cool!***   We decided on making an African Flower motif blanket together.

The idea that there are makers together, in different parts of the world working on the same project is so amazing to me!

There have been other times where I have emailed my subscribers and asked questions regarding certain types of projects and again I have been returned with countless email responses.

Not having a physical group of people I can make alongside with is sometimes hard. But, I am so grateful for technology and the ability to connect with someone sitting in their living room on the other side of the world while I sit in mine.

I am continually inspired by all of the people I encounter in the maker world each and every day. I know I’m not the best fiber artist out there and I don’t pretend to be. I will say it is an honor to have someone try out, like and make for themselves patterns I have created.

I’ve hit some bumps along the road like not writing clearly enough in certain patterns and sometimes falling behind in getting tutorial videos filmed. No matter what though, you all have come back and continue to come back and I am so grateful for that!

So if you are looking for reasons why you should go ahead and join the YarnHookNeedles maker community (or any community for that matter) then here are 10 I have come up with!

  1. The opportunity to learn is endless.
  2. The well of creativity will never run dry.
  3. There is always someone who doesn’t know as much as you which you can teach.
  4. It feels good to make connections with others who share your same passion.
  5. Opportunity to give back.
  6. Friendships. 
  7. Learning how to grow your maker business by learning from others.
  8. Working together on big projects.
  9. Bouncing ideas off of a group of supportive people.
  10. Continual encouragement from like minded folks.

In our world of increasing technology and gizmos and gadgets, sometimes the purity of a handmade life can become lost.

For instance, I met a gal named Dana who had started a crowd funding campaign for a yarn company she was passionate about starting. I followed her along on this journey and I even financially contributed to her cause. Follow dana on instagram for updates on her journey.

She is now fully funded and sharing with the community of makers who decided to stand behind her idea and bringing to life something which began as a dream. She didn’t do this on her own. It came about because of all the makers who caught a glimpse of Dana’s vision.

For me, it was encouraging. I saw this woman who has a deep love for a craft as well as a people and she forged her way through to bring that dream to life! It was completely inspiring!

I don’t know where YarnHookNeedles will be in one year, two or even three. I do have big dreams and desires. As I have seen our little community go from 10, 50, 100+ I just stand back and say, “Wow!”

More than anything, I want to see friendships and bonds form between our community which will last for lifetimes. I want to support makers who are just starting out. I want to promote makers who are WAY ahead of me and I want to help makers who are where I am.

This community is not about me but about each one of you. Because let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for each one of you coming to my blog and social media sites, no one would even know who Jerica from YHN was!

I am so grateful for the little opportunities I have had so far and I am excited and hopeful for what adventures may be around the bend!

For more info about Dana and Pinchinkuyarns CLICK HERE!


2 thoughts on “Looking for a Place to Connect with Other Makers? Join the YHN Community! – YarnHookNeedles

  1. I would love to join! I taught myself to crochet and work on projects everyday. It would be fun to make something the whole groups was working on. I don’t know anyone who crochets, it would be so nice to talk to others who share the same passion.

    1. We would love to have you! If you’re on facebook our crochet group is “the Crocheters of YarnHookNeedles”. We would love to have you join! Of course, you’re always welcome to comment, and email ( as much as you would like!

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