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When A Left Handed Girl Taught Herself to Crochet – YarnHookNeedles

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Last week I shared with you an amazing young woman who has persevered through losing her sight to continue moving forward in life as a maker. READ HER STORY HERE!

Today we are changing gears a bit. I had the pleasure of meeting Alliyah through Instagram. She is an incredibly talented young maker and I am honored to have the privilege of getting to share her and TheYarnFox shop with you all today.

I asked Alliyah if I could feature her on my Meet a Maker series and she was thrilled to share a little about her story with me and now with all of you!

“When I was about 8 years old my grandmother gave me a 5mm hook and a ball of green yarn.”

The goal was obviously to teach Alliyah to crochet but there proved to be some difficulty aside from the “normal” learning to crochet struggles that arise.

“Since I’m left handed, we couldn’t quite figure out how to do anything but chain.”

I can only imagine how discouraging this could have been for both Alliyah and her grandmother. Years went by but the desire to learn crochet never left.

“About 3 years ago, I picked it back up and taught myself everything through YouTube videos and books.”

Thank goodness for YouTube right?! I learned everything I know from there! It’s definitely the “poor man’s ” college.  CHECK OUT THE YARNHOOKNEEDLES CHANNEL HERE!

I love the determination she showed. Even though it proved difficult in the beginning. She overcame the obstacle and has now begun a business as a result.

“Crochet baby booties are my thing. I even asked a local coffee shop to display them!”

I love and admire that entrepreneurial spirit! Get your stuff in front of as many people as you can whether it’s online or in person. Back to YouTube Alliyah taught herself how to knit. Now equipped ith the dual skill set of crochet and knit, she is designing fabulous pieces. Including baby booties!

Below are some of my favorites from her adorable little shop! I hope you will check them out and be sure to follow her there!



Crochet Baby Booties


CLEARANCE Newborn Baby wrap


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