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Mother and little daughter playing together in a park

The days are long and tiresome.

You often feel like you’ll collapse from exhaustion. 

I know this feeling all too well. The feeling you get when you got to be tired and wake up even more tired somehow.

Those days where you feed the baby and then try to squeeze in a nap yourself.

For my husband…it’s those long work days that leave him tired. Some times too tired to engage a lot with the kids.

We all have things in our lives which leave us exhausted. But coming from a momma who has sped through certain moments or stages of her children’s lives…STOP!

Stop stretching yourself too thin with commitments.

Stop signing up for everything under the sun at church, school, or with work.

I think if we realized what our kids want is US then we wouldn’t live in as big of houses as we do. We wouldn’t work so hard for the dollar. We wouldn’t strive to give our kids “more than we had” growing up.


We would give them ourselves. We would give them undistracted, one on one time with the people who they REALLY want to spend their time with.

When I was growing up we NEVER ate dinner at the table. We also never ate breakfast or lunch at the table either.

So what happened was everyone served themselves, depending on the day of the week, we would then disperse into different areas of the house to watch that weeknights   television show. There were no conversations. There were no memories made.

I would watch shows like ‘family matters’ or ‘full house’ and wish our family would sit and talk to one another the characters did.

I would often ask my parents if we could all eat dinner together. Sometimes I would even set the table and lay out all the food and for the time it took for them to load their plates…that’s how long we had dinner “together”.

I think this is why it’s important to me that we eat all of our meals together.

It hurt not having that time with my parents growing up. I don’t want to hurt my kids in the same way.

What are some of the ways you aren’t cherishing these years with your children at home?

I hate to sound cliche, but it is so true…they will only be small for a short amount of time. Once the window closes, their lives become more complicated.

It won’t be a quick fix with momma’s kisses when your little girl is hurt. Instead it might take hours of talking, crying and prayer before getting to the bottom of a situation in order to find a solution.

I’m talking to myself too when I say these things.

So often I get caught up in the tyranny of the urgent. I think about the ‘to-do’ lists, projects, and commitments we’ve made. I allow these things to occupy the space in my mind.  What  I should focus more on are the funny things my kids say. The new inventions they create. The ways they love one another. The ways they love me in spite of weaknesses and moments of failure.

I want to cherish the hugs I get from their little arms.

I want to remember the slobbery toddler kisses I get after a yummy spaghetti supper.

I want soak up the ways they bless me when they say things like, “You’re the best mom in the whole world!” after I’ve made an impromptu batch of cookies.

They’re only little kids for a short time.

Soon they’ll be big, with bigger problems and needing a momma’s heart full of love.

Before that happens though…


Look in their faces and take in every part of who they are.

You will never get those moments back. You will never be able to rewind the time. It goes by faster and faster with each passing year.

Cherish deeply the children God has given you.

They designed with you in mind. You’re the perfect momma for them and they are the perfect children for you…


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