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The Perfect Lacy Crochet Shawl with FREE Pattern! – YarnHookNeedles

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Weather is crazy here in the Midwest! We have days that make you want to flip on the AC and then there are other days where you want to make a fire and wrap yourself in all the cozy knit things!

My inspiration for this shawl was trying to marry the seasons of winter and spring.

I was at JoAnn’s browsing through the yarn and spotted a gorgeous colorway by BigTwist called ‘pink denim’. It had blushing pink tones mixed with hues of rose and cream. I felt like it was the perfect choice for making something more dainty and feminine.

I am currently trying to learn new crochet stitches and really build up my “library” of design options.

For this shawl I used a stitch called the arched lace. I really love how easily I was able to learn this stitch. To be honest, lacy stitched tend to intimidate me. I feel like they are easier to mess up and I’m always afraid that’s what I am gonna do.

Once I got started on this stitch I realized this wasn’t the case at all. I fell in love with the look of this gorgeous stitch and I think you will too



– 2 skeins of your choice yarn

– size K 6.5mm hook

– tapestry needle

– scissors



Depending on how you prefer to wear your shawl (more fitted or larger like a wrap) will determine your foundation chain length.

I would categorize this shawl in a SM-M size.

The main thing is to keep the correct multiples. For this stitch, you will need to maintain a multiple of 8 + 1

If you’re wanting to make this exact size then follow the pattern below!


CH 161

R1 – 1 SC in the 2nd CH from the hook, 1 SC in the next CH, *CH 5, skip 5 CHs, 1 SC into next 3 CHs; rep from * omitting 1 SC at the end of the last repeat, CH 1, turn.

R2 – 1 SC into the 1st st, *CH 3, skip next SC, 3 DC into next 5-CH arch, CH 3, skip 1 SC, 1 SC into next SC, however rep from * to the end, skip tech (turning chain), CH 6, turn.

R3 – (CH 6 counts as 1TR, CH 2),skip 3 CH, * 1 SC into each of the next 3 DC **, CH 5, skip (3 CH, 1 SC and 3 CH);rep from * ending last rep at **, CH 2, skip 3 CH, 1 TR into last SC, skip TCH, CH 3, turn.

R4 – (CH 3 counts as 1 DC),skip 1st st, 1 DC into CH-2 space, * CH 3, skip next SC, 1 SC into next SC, CH 3,skip 1 SC **, 3 DC into next CH-5 arch;rep from * ending last rep at **, skip CH 1, 1 DC into each of next 2 CH of TCH, CH 1, turn

R5 – 1 SCinto 1st st, 1 SC into next st, * CH 5, skip (3 CH, 1 SC and 3 CH), 1 SC into each of the next 3 DC; rep from * to end, omitting 1 SC at the end of last rep, turn

FROM HERE you will repeat rows 2-5 until your work is the height you desire. For this shawl I used all of the 2 skeins I had.

For a size M-L I would suggest 3 – 4 skeins and for any of the XL sizes between 4 – 6. The choice it yours for how “wrap like” you would want to make it! You can always add on another skein.


Now I realize while reading through this pattern you might feel intimidated. I promise you, you CAN DO THIS! This pattern may seem scary and hard but it’s really not. I know if you go slowly you can get this done in no time!




7 thoughts on “The Perfect Lacy Crochet Shawl with FREE Pattern! – YarnHookNeedles

  1. Can you give a better estimate of yarn yardage? 2skeins can range from 300 to 600 yards. Pattern looks very pretty. Thanks.

    1. Oh, I am sorry for not including the yardage. For the skeins I had, they contained 164 yards each. I hope this helps! Thanks for reminding me to include the yardage!

  2. Hola buenos días, me encanta está mañanita, y me gustaría hacerla pero no sé lo q significan las abreviaturas, podrías por favor decirme el significado de las abreviaturas ch, sc , dc.
    Muchas gracias espero poder hacerla, ya q soy principiante, saludos .

    1. Hi, Kathy! If you maintain the multiple as stated in the pattern you would go as long as your desired length. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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