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Knitted Kitchen Rags with FREE Pattern!

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Irish Moss Knit Rags with FREE Pattern Link!


A few weeks ago I shared with you some easy crochet patterns for making your own kitchen rags. I wanted to make something equally as good for those of you who are knitters!


I knew I was wanting a knitting stitch which was textured and would be good for scrubbing those tough to clean kitchen counters.

I stumbled upon the Irish Moss stitch and fell head over heels with the look, texture, and ease of this pattern. Making this particular pattern with a cotton yarn it becomes even more durable in my opinion. I didn’t create this stitch so I must give credit where credit is do!



  • size 9 needles
  • 100% cotton yarn
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


I started by casting on 26 and proceeded with the pattern. I kept going until the rag was a little longer than my hand. This was about 30 rows total. Because of its size, this pattern works up really quickly. If you’re needing a last minute gift, knitting out a few of these would be a perfect solution!

While making this rag I was inspired to create a few more projects using the same pattern. I hope to share those with you VERY soon!


Irish Moss Knit Rags with FREE Pattern Link!



If you make some rags for yourself or if you make any project using this stitch I would LOVE to see your finished work! You can always comment with the item down below or you can follow me on Instagram and tag me!

It’s always fun to share those things with one another!


Irish Moss Knit Rags with FREE Pattern Link!


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Irish Moss Knit Rags with FREE Pattern Link!


I hope you have enjoyed this short but sweet knitting post and that you have a lovely rest of your day!

Until next time…

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