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KnitCrate Unboxing Video for April 2017!

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If you have ever wanted to try a fiber arts subscription box but you just weren’t sure which one to choose. Then you are going to love my new YouTube series where I unbox these monthly subscriptions!

In the video you will get to see exactly what you’re getting for the money! I will share my HONEST thoughts and opinions and do my best to help you decide whether or not the box is worth it.

To be fair, I am committed to testing out these boxes for a minimum of 3 months. I believe after 3 times I will have a well-rounded idea of the company and the types of boxes they out together.

Along with opening the boxes, I will be writing post reviews.

The reviews will cover:

  • how well I felt the patterns were written
  • how the yarn worked up 
  • if hand-dyed, how well the yarn kept its color after a washing
  • and more!

I am committed to this series because I know there are MANY companies out there who are looking to make a quick buck and I want to weed out those guys and give you all the information regarding the ones who I believe really care about their customers.

Also, I want to see clearly these companies have a love for fiber arts and they aren’t just throwing things together and calling it a subscription box.




Right now I know there are some maker bloggers who have joined the subscription box game. I will also be reviewing these boxes too.

Be on the lookout for a review of Ashleigh’s “Happy Yarn Mail” box in June.She runs the Sewrella Blog. I will be reviewing the May box. Happy Yarn Mail is only two months old so I know she is still in the “growing pains” phase of this business, but I still want to give a review at her three month mark and then I plan to do another review at the six month mark.

Her box is also a crochet box so I want to be able to offer you guys reviews of both the knitting and crochet subscriptions.


the KnitCrate April Box Review!

Inside of the Arpil KnitCrate Box you will receive the following:

  • 2 skeins of Vocabulary yarn weighing 100 grams each
  • 2 pattern links for making knit hats
  • 1 small square of wool wash soap in calendula orange

For this box I purchased a yarn add-on for two more skeins of yarn from a UK based yarn company. They stated this was a $48 value I got for free.




  • yarn was soft to the touch
  • colors were vibrant
  • the added wool soap was a nice touch


  • I felt like the packaging was sloppy. I saw on the knitcrate instagram this box shown in an actual box. Mine came in a red mail envelope. I hope next months comes in something nicer.
  • for $45 I didn’t feel like there was a lot of thought or care that went in to the box


Now I am giving all the subscription boxes 3 tries to win me over. So far I’m not super impressed with knitcrate. I will say however I am looking further into the Vocabulary Yarn company. I was impressed by their product.

I will include in my review of the KnitCrate patterns how the yarn work with needles. I am also going to be using the soap for washing the items and I will let you know how well the colors hold after a washing.

Should I make a video showing these things? Comment down below!

Overall I am saying I don’t love this box nor do I hate it. I’m neutral right now. After receiving this subscription I am anxious to see what they are going to come out with next month.

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