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The Perfect Beginner Knit Blanket with FREE Pattern! – YarnHookNeedles

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I discovered a lovely, chunky yarn by the amazing RedHeartYarns while browsing about JoAnn’s. I loved the size, texture, but most of all the COLORS!!!

I have named this particular blanket, “In the Garden”.I think you can agree the color palate definitely insinuates the feel of walking through a garden! The official name is “charisma” and the line is a boutique from RedHearts.

So far I have only seen this line carried at JoAnn’s but I haven’t checked Michael’s recently. You might be able to find it there too. If all else fails, head over to red heart yarns site to browse the colors.



There are an array of choices which I think you’ll enjoy!


– 25mm circular needles

– scissors

– 6 skeins of charisma yarn


Assuming you have a basic understanding of knitting (casting on, binding off and the knit/purl stitches) then this blanket will be a breeze for you!



WANT A BEGINNER KNITTING VIDEO TUTORIAL? Comment down below or send me an email!



I started by casting on 32 stitches on to the circular needles. I recommend the circular because the thickness and width of this blanket will be easier to create using these as opposed to straight.

Row 1 (right side) – knit all the way across

Row 2 (wrong side) – purl all the way across

The rest of the blanket is a repeat of these two rows. Each time you get to the end of a skein just add in the new one and continue along until you have used all of your skeins. This creates the perfect sized lap blanket, toddler blanket, tummy-time blanket or even thea small rug by a crib or rocker.

The possibilities are endless so exercise your creativity!

If you want to be REALLY ambitious and create a blanket for a large bed, then I would suggest following my quick handmade blanket guide for creating handmade blankets in the general sizes given for beds.

Right click, save and print!!

Once you have created the desired length, you complete a simple bind-off and you’re done! Pretty simple right? I thought you might agree 🙂

I hope you enjoy this simple knitting pattern and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I am always here to help in whatever way that I can! You can comment down below with questions too.

I can’t believe March is already upon us! With this reality comes more and more free patterns in both knitting and crochet which I believe you guys are gonna love! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t every miss a project or pattern!

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Beginner Knit Blanket with FREE Pattern! – YarnHookNeedles

  1. I love this! The colors…the design…how easy it is to make. Thank you. I do have one question, what length of circular needles did you use for this project?

    1. I am so sorry for being late in replying! I thought I had replied but it didn’t get saved. I used a wooden circular needle I found on Amazon. The local stores didn’t have the 25mm in circular needles. The wire in between the needles is 24 so it’s a little on the shorter side but I didn’t have a problem with making the crib size. If you were going bigger you’d need a larger wire to make it easier.

      I hope that helps! Again, I’m so sorry for the delay!

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