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When we found out about Jonathan’s cleft lip and pallet one of my first questions, 

“Will I ever be able to nurse him?”

When I heard the response of, “No, not with his level of severity.”

My heart broke again…

I had never had much success with pumping in the past, but as long as my babies nursed the milk was there. 

To hear the only way he would get my milk was through pumping felt like I was being asked to do something impossible for my body. 

I pumped several times for 30 minutes and nothing happened. 

I awoke one morning feeling engorged thinking, “oh yes, I’m gonna fill up a bottles worth!” only to produce 10ml worth of colostrum. 

It feels pointless sometimes, but I know my milk is the best and the best is what I hope for him to have. 

So everyday, I’m pumping, drinking my lactation tea and doing my best to stick to a strict lactation diet. 

Every time I pump and get even a drop out I’m excited! 

I know I’ve a long way to go before I hit the 70ml mark but I’m praying and doing everything I can to make sure milk production can happen. 

I want to encourage you if you too have struggled with pumping. It IS hard! It IS discouraging when you pump for 30minutes and literally only get drops. 

Take heart whatever you can give is better than giving nothing! 


Jonathan’s Victory today:

He ate through his pigeon nipple bottle 31ml!!! His 4th time to do so. 

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