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How to Style your Knitwear

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Have you ever been browsing online and found some awesome knitwear item and thought to yourself, “Yes, that’s totally cute but I would never have an outfit to wear that with!”

This has been me more times than I care to remember! I grew up thinking you needed a champagne budget in order to dress in style, cute and fashionable. I am here to officially tell you this isn’t the case!

I have learned how to shop high-end brands from thrift stores and I have also learned how to style myself using minimal pieces by “shopping” my closet.

I wanted to start this series so as to encourage you to get those knitwear items you love (or make them) and then learn how to accessorize them in a great, frugal way!

Let’s get started!

I recently created this gorgeous knit cowl from a pattern I bought from BrennaAnnHandmade Etsy Shop. This pattern is SO EASY and perfect if you’re a newbie knitter! Now, I went to JoAnn’s and picked up a gorgeous, chunky green yarn from BigTwist and I got started on this project.

This cowl works up so quickly! It is really that easy. Now if you don’t have knitting skills then you can still get this cowl for yourself from the YarnHookNeedles Etsy Shop and custom order your fiber and color. No need to worry there!

Below is an example of how I styled this cowl by shopping my closet…

I chose a simple knit, black and white striped dress from Old Navy. I picked this dress up at Goodwill for $3.99

Then I added a maternity skinny jean which came in a subscription box I was a part of last year. However, any favorite jean of yours will work!

The shoes were an Amazon purchase and I paid less than $30 for them last year. They are SUPER comfortable and I wear them quite a bit!

If you’re in hotter months you can easily ditch the leggings and wear the dress, cowl, and a simple leather sandal or something basic like a white TOM shoe or Converse sneaker. No matter which direction you go, this cowl is the perfect knitwear accessory for this outfit!

The best part?

We paid less than $50 to create the whole outfit!!!

I really want to have a lot of fun with this new editorial series and I hope you will enjoy it too by interacting with me on Instagram and here in the comments! You can follow the hashtag #YHNFASHION for outfit ideas, updates and more!

I will be doing weekly insta-stories of what I find at Thrift Stores and how I add knitwear style to each of these. You will see designs in knitwear with bags and jewelry to sweaters, clutches, beanies and more!

I am currently on Instagram @yarnhookneedles and you can email me too with ideas or even some fashion knitwear issues you might be having (at)

I would LOVE to hear from you and see what your thoughts are on this new series!


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