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5 Ways to Start Knitting Even if You Only Know How to Crochet! – YarnHookNeedles

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I know there are so many crochet makers these days who forgo learning to knit because of how intimidating it can seem. Especially those of us who are self-taught.

Trust me, I was there! In fact, it took me 5 years and some “just do it” nudging from a sweet lady at church to get me to take the plunge. Once I started to get the hang of it…I fell absolutely in LOVE.

Today I am sharing 5 simple things you can do to get started with knitting. You’ll be so glad you did! While crochet is beautiful and often times my go-to craft when it comes to gifts and design. There is something about knitting which provides a different satisfaction.

What I share won’t be hard. Rather, you’ll be left saying, “Why didn’t I do this sooner???”


  1. Needles

For me when it came to the idea of going from a hook to 2 needles. I felt like it was impossible. In fact, I even remember saying, “my brain just doesn’t work that way!”. I laugh at how much I had convinced myself I couldn’t do it.

Now, when I first tried knitting I picked up metal needles size 15 from Walmart. MISTAKE! In Texas bigger might be better, but not when it comes to a first time knitter. I was more frustrated with loops slipping off the needles because of how slippery they were. Plus, with such a large needle, I struggled to understand my tensions. Because my needles were so large I had a hard time know how tight and loose to hold my work.

I frogged a TON in the beginning.

I realized when first starting out, it’s better to work with a needle size between 8 and 10. Also, working with wooden or bamboo needles will prove to be SO MUCH EASIER! It’s a lot more difficult for loops to side off. The smaller needles also help with learning your tension.


2. Yarn

My recommendation when choosing a yarn to practice with is simply…something which slides well on wood. The two yarns I would HIGHLY recommend would be Simply Soft by Caron or LOVE by Red Heart Yarns.

These are acrylic yarns but the texture is extremely smooth and they have always worked well for me in knitting projects.


3. Casting on

When you first begin learning how to cast on, you can really feel like, “I will NEVER understand this!”


Simply remember to make your “gun” keeping your tail in front (toward you) and the working yarn in back (farthest from you).

Do you want me to make a cast-on tutorial? Comment down below!

You will feel like you’re really knitting once you jump this hurdle! Guess what? You will have accomplished a lot! Just like in crochet, the foundation chain is key. The same principle applies here.

4. Knit Stitch

The beauty of knitting is you can make anything you want from blankets to scarves. Sweaters to pillows with just one simple knit stitch.

Check out my knit blanket pattern here!

A simple knit stitch is the perfect thing to focus on learning in the beginning. This stitch really helped me to get a feel for working with two needles. Of course, in the beginning, it was like trying to do something with two left hands. But the more I worked the knit stitch the easier and the faster I got.

Don’t be concerned with adding the Purl stitch. Just focus on one at a time!

There are so many amazing projects which will come available to you as a result of learning how to knit!

I love how crochet is more a display of yarn being tied in knots. Whereas knitting is taking yarn and creatively weaving it into itself. They both are amazing and beautiful in their own ways.

So get yourself a pair of needles and get busy!

5. Just Start Knitting

My biggest step in this post is…JUST DO IT! Thanks Nike! 🙂

Seriously though, just try! What’s the worst that could happen? You find another fiber craft which you grow to love?

Don’t be afraid to try knitting. Of course, it will be hard in the beginning but you will be so glad you did it. Especially when you get into a crochet lull. It’s so nice to set the hook down some days and just work the needles.

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