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Happy New Year’s Eve!!! What to Expect from Yarn|Hook|Needles in 2017!

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Wow! Here we are at the end of another year and I am so excited to begin fresh and anew tomorrow morning in January 2017!

I touched a little on how difficult our 2016 year was in my Christmas Day post.

I am definitely ready to start a new year and this evening I am sharing with you some of the AWESOME things you can expect to see in the New Year.

First, YHN is starting a YouTube channel! So now you can learn crochet and knitting from me personally! I will have new videos go up every week and I plan to teach you tons of new stitches, complete projects and all the basic skills necessary to learn these two awesome crafts. I’ll be sharing all the details, channel links and more tomorrow!

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Second, I am going to be featuring some of your most favorite makers from Etsy here on Yarn|Hook|Needles. I have already begun work on making some of my favorite patterns they have designed and I  will be having giveaways and so much more!

Third, I have been working hard on creating the first YHN crochet kit. My very first crochet post I every did was what showed me my voice in the blog world and I wanted to equip my readers with all the materials to create this piece PLUS a custom canvas bag to use however you would like!

We are also working hard on t-shirts, mugs and more!


Fourth, if you live in the Wichita area then you will be glad to know we are going to be participating in the local farmer’s market season this year! We have lots of awesome community projects in store like…

  • making items from recycled materials
  • crochet for the homeless
  • my teaching classes
  • as well as the launch of a brick and mortar store in early 2018

I am super excited to expand in our local community! It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope to meet some of you personally along the way.

Of course, I can’t spill ALL the beans in this one post, but just know, my husband and I have some BIG plans for this business! We have made the commitment to pour every ounce of ourselves into this business and it’s success will only happen because of you!

One of our commitments and missions is to bring you the best when it comes to yarn, crochet, and knitting! We are committed to going the extra mile and making sure that we are working hard so you can enjoy your craft or enjoy learning your craft in this New Year!

Please let Yarn|Hook|Needles be a part of your crafting journey and we humbly as you be a part of ours.

By subscribing to our newsletter below, we know those of you who are wanting to grow with us as well as those who are interested in our journey!

I can hardly wait for 2017 to begin, I know this is going to be the best year yet!

Happy New Year sweet friends!!!

Until next time…

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