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Giant Donut Pillow with FREE Pattern! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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If you subscribe to my newsletter then you saw how I shared this week I’m sharing with all of you most of the handmade gifts I will be giving my kids.

Today we celebrated our last family birthday of the year and just like any kid, she is nuts about donuts! I had spotted a super cute donut pillow on Pinterest one day and I knew she was the kiddo I wanted to make it for.




She has a spunky, quirky personality and I felt like she would appreciate the donut pillow the most!

I have been making their gifts late at night after they have all gone to bed. So these projects haven taken some time. Our kids seem to be extremely inquisitive and when they see me working with one of their favorite colors and they know something like Christmas is approaching…the interrogation begins!

I have laughed several times because they’ve not seen me making anything other than the orders I have had to fulfill and so there have been a few comments of,  “Are we gonna get anything for Christmas?”

I love to keep them on their toes!

As you can see from the photos this donut pillow is full of colors and lots of sprinkles! Who doesn’t love sprinkles?




  • 2 skeins of yarn (pink; brown)
  • size I hook
  • 12 (3inch) strips each of colors for sprinkles
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • polyfil

This project is really easy and the time is about 3-5 hrs. It just depends on how fast you crochet and how long of a single block of time you have to work the pattern.



There is still time to whip up one of these adorable donuts for yourself or someone else as a gift! The best part about this donut….there’s no calories!!! Woohoo!!!


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2 thoughts on “Giant Donut Pillow with FREE Pattern! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

    1. since this one isn’t my own design I wouldn’t be at liberty to help you work through the pattern. However, I know the original designer would be more than willing to help you! Just send an email or comment on their pattern post! Sorry for not being able to help on this one 🙁

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