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Feature Friday! Top 10 Handmade Gifts for Her!

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Top 10 Handmade Gifts for Her from Etsy!


Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the special lady or ladies in your life this holiday season? Then stick around to read through my top 10 list of handmade items for her I found from some of the best shops on Etsy!

You will surely be able to find that perfect something here!



Let’s get started!


Solid Wood Hair Barrette by woodartukraine

This is a beautifully crafted hair accessory. The detailing in this one of a find barrette is absolutely stunning! I love how realistic it looks too.

This particular shop has a 5 star rating with almost 100 completed sales! You can tell from the reviews this shop is trustworthy! For that special lady in your life, having this piece in her collection for turning dull hair into a cute do this purchase is definitely worth it!

There is the added bonus of the wood harvesting practices this shop maintains. I love to see this artists work on display in such a simple yet elegant way!



The Chunky Knitted Blanket by woolcouturecompany

Chunky Knitted Blanket. Knitted Chunky Throw. Small/medium Pure Wool Giant Blanket. Bulky Knit Throw. Extreme Knitting. Lap blanket. M052

Do you have a lover of all things cozy and comfy in your life? Than this giant knit blanket will make her “ooooohhh and ahhhh” all Christmas day! Aside from the textural beauty this blanket offers. The color is absolutely stunning.

Even if you don’t pick up this particular item I highly recommend checking out the other 200+ items displayed in this amazing shop! You will most certainly find something that cozy lover will adore!

This amazing shop has maintained a 5 star rating while successfully fulfilling almost 5,000 orders! That is a shop that knows EXACTLY what they are doing. You will love anything you purchase from them I am sure. My wish list was growing as I browsed through their inventory!



Handmade Watercolor Stationery by AmandaHarrisonDesign


Hand Made Watercolor Cards | Greeting Cards | Thank You Cards | Hand Made Stationary | 5 x 7

If you know a gal who loves to write than this handmade stationery set will make the PERFECT handmade gift this season. I love Amanda’s use of color and design.

To know there was someone who spent time and energy hand making something like this is just amazing! These are beautiful enough to frame and use as wall art!

Browsing through this shop you will quickly see her creativity is endless. From mugs to custom art you will fall in love with this watercolor artist over and over again! She has a 5 star rating and almost 50 completed sales this gal is definitely someone to consider when shopping this holiday season.

Keep her in mind to for those feminine holidays as well!




Handmade Earrings by GraySunGifts 


Black houndstooth fabric covered button earrings, houndstooth earrings, houndstooth fabric button earrings, black button earrings

Let me just say…EVERYTHING about this shop screams CUTE!!! When I found this shop I kept showing my husband all the earrings I was loving and he finally said, “Okay I get it! You really like their stuff!” I laughed realizing I probably just flashed 10 different earrings in his face in 10 minutes or less!

Houndstooth is one of my most favorite patterns! There is something about a black and white contrast that I can never pass up! This is probably why most of my wardrobe consists of light and dark colors. It took me YEARS to drum up the nerve to buy a pink top!

I love how these little earrings can be made to create a dressy look or they can be utilized to have a more casual, fun look. I can easily envision so many outfits with these adorable little things!

An overall 5 star rating with almost 500 sales I know you will have your special lady wanting you to come back for more!



Pillows, Aprons and more by ModernMarketVintage


Custom for KATE-Pillow Covers, Decorative Pillows, Designer Pillow, Throw Pillow, Quote Pillow, Custom Phrase,


When I found this shop I had a hard time finding one particular item to feature. This couple has over 450 items listed in their shop. Not to mention they do custom orders too!

They remind me so much of the beautiful simplicity that is farmhouse design. I would buy one of each of their pillows if I could! I love how graceful the fonts are they use. This shop isn’t just great for the holidays but there are some amazing ideas for bridesmaid gifts, housewarming gifts and more!

You can take your most favorite saying and have them put it on an item of your choosing. I also saw where they can put your logo on a tea towel or apron. It made me think how sweet it would be for new bakery or coffee shop to utilize and small business like this.

I really love their products and I think their 5 star rating and almost 10,000 sales is all I need to say!




Organic Rose Water Toner by RavensCtApothecary


Organic Rose Water Toner | Floral Mist for Normal to Dry, Sensitive Skin


This is a vegan apothecary shop based in the UK. To be honest I was completely pulled into this shop by the packaging! I don’t know of a lot of women who aren’t hooked by packaging. So I will give this shop props for nailing it on this!

I love the vegan aspect! In today’s world when we are constantly being bombarded with hidden chemicals and the like in literally everything, it’s nice to see someone taking the extra time to make sure they are alleviating those things from their handmade products.

There are so many items to choose from in this shop!

You can surely find something special for her Especially if she is a beauty product lover.

This shop has maintained a 5 star rating while completing almost 4500 sales! That’s awesome and a lot of handmade beauty products!



Metal Hair Cuff by Kapelika


Metal hair cuff - size small copper ponytail holder rustic hair accessories silver pony tail tie boho chic shiny brass hair slide for her


Another hair item but again I couldn’t help myself! I love how unique this piece is. It’s like a work of art you can carry around on the back of your head!

I have been loving copper this year and I believe this is another reason why I was drawn to this piece. Another aspect I appreciate is how this item can accommodate many hair lengths. So whether long or short, you could easily create a hairstyle and incorporate this piece.

A 5 star rating and over 2,000 sales this hair accessory would make a wonderful stocking stuffer this holiday season!



Bags, Office Decor and more by LemoneeOnTheHills


Sierra Moutains Relaxation Pillow, Warm/Cold Pack, Microwavable/Washable Heat Pack


This is a relaxation pillow! One of the awesome things about this shop is how much customization is offered in each of their products.

They also have so many types of things to choose from. I love the outdoors feel their products offer. It offers a snapshot appreciation of the American terrain. The ways in which the photos used capture nature are absolutely breathtaking!

Over 1,000 sales and a 5 star rating, you are sure to satisfy your nature lover through purchasing an item from their shop this Christmas season.



Handmade Leather Journal by JackdawBindery



I am a sucker for journals. I think there is at least one in all of the main rooms of our home! There are several in my office and inside my nightstand I know for certain!

I absolutely love the color and binding technique used in the making of this journal. This shop offers two different journal sizes as well as several color options. For being handmade these journals are VERY reasonably priced!

This shop has completed over 3,500 orders and has kept a 5 star rating all along the way! Based out of the UK you will need to make your purchase soon in order to get your item before the holidays are over. Even if you don’t make it in time for Christmas you can definitely follow this shop for gift ideas for her in the future!




Shrug Pattern by CrochetByMichele


Cocoon Shrug Pattern, The Juno Shrug Crochet Pattern, Instant PDF Cownload


I have been following Michele on Instagram for a while now and she is one talented lady! If you are a maker and looking to create something handmade for a friend, sister or relative this year then you will hit the jackpot when it comes to patterns.

There are so many items to choose from and you could easily whip up one of her designs and make it all your own with yarn textures and colors. She is great and I recommend you following her site and instagram too! She’s very inspiring and I’ve come to admire her pattern designing abilities!


So this is it for this week’s Feature Friday! We covered a lot of different gift options but there are still so many other amazingly talented makers out there! I highly recommend Etsy as an online option anytime you are looking for an extra special gift.


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Thanks for stopping by and I will talk with you again tomorrow!


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