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Easy Crochet Poncho with FREE Ravelry Pattern! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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I am having a lot of fun going through all of the different Ravelry designers! I am adding more and more projects each day to my little library. So far, I’ve been doing good starting and finishing projects!

I found this super cute Poncho pattern the other day and I knew I had to try it out! This is a crochet project and it worked up in less than three hours for my 4-year-old. It’s a simple granny square pattern and even if you were making an adult version, you could still work it up in one afternoon.

The yarn I used for this project I pulled from my stash. I got this skein over 5 years ago and I honestly think it’s been discontinued. I’ve never seen it anywhere. You might find it online if you were to do a little digging.



In the past, I have created the oversized granny square blankets but it took my brain a minute to understand what was happening. I’ll chock it up to mommy brain and being 6.5 months pregnant!

Nevertheless, I DID figure it out and I have a few ideas in mind for making some more and adding a few more details. I think it would be cute with a tassel on the front point, or even a pompom. A Bubble border would be really cute and fun too. Also using a more luxurious yarn for an adult version would really make this pattern stick out.

The possibilities are always endless!




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