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Do you want to learn how to earn money back on the yarn you buy? – YarnHookNeedles

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Over the last several weeks I have been utilizing a popular app you might have heard of or already be using.

I discovered a little secret about this app called ibotta…want to know what it is? One of their featured stores is…DRUMROLL PLEASE….JoAnn’s!!!

How awesome is that??

Now, at first I thought, “okay, this is gonna be like those other apps where you’re going to get cash back on things you would never buy” but I was SO wrong!

One of my favorite yarns you can buy from JoAnn’s is the BigTwist yarns. I love their textures and color selections and they are always having amazing sales.

After downloading the app I browsed through the rebate offers in the JoAnn’s section and was plesantly surprised to find there were several rebates on yarn as well as a “spend $25 at JoAnn’s and earn cash back!” .

Another really cool thing is the monthly goals which can earn you even more back!

Side note…I am NOT being paid for this post, I just REALLY love using this app and I am so glad for the money I have been earning back over the last 2 months. Let’s face it, whether you knit or crochet you are always looking to feed that yarn stash right?

Now JoAnn’s isn’t the only store on there. You can browse the other places and add them into your normal purchasing routine if they qualify! I just mainly wanted to share the JoAnn’s aspect.

If you wind up downloading the app, and you feel inclined, you can use my friends referral code:


I do earn $5 from everyone who signs up using this code so don’t feel like you have to use the code. You can still get the app without it.

I hope you guys are able to take advantage of this app and start earning money back on your JoAnn’s trips! Keep in mind, yarn isn’t the only rebate available in the JoAnn’s section. There are several arts & crafts rebates which I have utilized as well!

Gotta love saving and earning money back however you can!

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