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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Signs – 3 options!

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I don’t know about you but I have pinned dozens of signs that I love for wall decor on Pinterest.

Some friends of mine are getting married soon and I new that I wanted to create something extra special to give them as a wedding gift.

This was just the push I needed to try my hand at making some of these signs myself.

Today I will show you 3 different options for creating unique and rustic decor for yourself or to bless someone else with.

Up first is the gift I made. I asked my friend to find out for me what his bride-to-be’s favorite verse was. Once I found out I went to picmonkey and played around with fonts to see which one I wanted to use.

Then I went to my ever-growing pile of scrap wood and found 4 boards I wanted to use and I trimmed them down to make sure they were somewhat even. Remember if you’re going for a rustic look perfection IS NOT key here.



Then I used some smaller pieces to brace the 4 boards together.

Once I had the pieces screwed together I started on the stain. I used the color ebony. I didn’t want it solid black but I did want to have an older, weathered look to the wood.

With gloves and an old t-shirt I applied the stain in less than 5 minutes. Left it outside to dry overnight.





Once the piece was dry it was time to put the text on the board. One thing I did was lay out all the words for how I wanted them to appear on the sign.

Then I marked the spots.

By rubbing chalk on the back of the paper with the letter or word(s) you are able to “transfer” it onto the wood.

Taking a pointed pen I proceeded to “trace” the text onto the wood.








After I had all the letters traced onto the board I used a chalk marker to fill everything in.

I LOVE the way it turned out. Now you could choose to seal this if you wanted to for added protection. But I liked the rustic look provided by not sealing it.




If you follow me on Pinterest you might have seen my FREE PRINTABLES! board.

There is a gal I found who has some awesome vintage butcher cuts you can download for absolutely FREE!

Here’s the link to her site…

So I went to walmart and was looking for something else and happened to walk down the photo frame aisle. I discovered certificate frames for $.98 and I thought, “What a DEAL!” I grabbed 4 and headed home to spray paint them white and put my printables in the frames!










I was very satisfied with the cost effectiveness of this little project and I think you will be too!

Next I made a simple ‘EAT’ sign. Using the same technique as the first sign. I created the font I wanted to trace and with scrap 2X10 pieces of wood I made an ADORABLE sign which I place in between my butcher pictures.






The outcome from all three signs is awesome and I’m so glad I decided to finally try making one. My husband and I recently went to a local hobby store and we walked around looking for ideas so I could make a few more for the house.

I already have 2 I’m in the process of creating! 🙂

If you’re looking for more inspiration for projects or you’re interested in picking some of these handmade signs up for yourself. Head over to Instagram or Facebook where these items and more will be available for purchase!

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