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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath

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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath

I have always loved wreaths! They are such a versatile decor piece and they are easy to make and extremely customizable for any decor style.

Aside from the Christmas tree wreaths are probably one of my top 5 favorite Christmas decorating items.

I was inspired by a Pottery Barn photo of a pompom wreath they had for sale. I haven’t spotted it on their website this Christmas season so it must have been from years ago. I knew when I say it this was the Christmas wreath I was going to make for my holiday decorating.

Originally I had planned to do all white pompoms in two different sizes. Then I got to looking at it and I spotted a skein of blue yarn I had used for the infinity scarf I made the other day. I love ANY hue of blue and so I couldn’t help myself adding in a few blue poms throughout the wreath!

When it was finished I was VERY glad I decided to add in the blue at the last minute.

We started remodeling our mobile home over this past summer. Our kitchen and livingroom area are in the center of the house. I found a gorgeous blue color in the oops paint section of our local Home Depot and so we did the walls in this color and then I changed our cabinets to white from the yucky oak veneer they were when the home was originally built.

I knew adding in the blue would make for the perfect blend of the inside of our house and it would carry a cohesive design while hanging on the front door.

Needless to say…this is one of my most favorite wreaths I have made so far!

The beauty of a pompom wreath is the amount of fun you can have with this sort of project. You could easily make a peppermint inspired wreath by swirling red and white poms around the wreath form. You could also use a three or four color combo to match the rest of your Christmas theme.

Whatever you decide to do I encourage you to make it something you love!

The beauty of DIY projects id having the freedom to take a project that inspires you and then turning it into something you can absolutely love. Even if you have deemed yourself a non-crafty person…this project is something you can TOTALLY do!

All you need to know how to do is use scissors, wrap yarn around a pom maker and operate a glue gun…now I know you can do all that right???


  • 2 skeins white yarn
  • 1 skein of blue yarn
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • 2 different sized pom pom makers.


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath


I started by making a dozen or so poms and then I laid them out to play around and see exactly how I was wanting things to look. Originally I thought I would just go with the larger sized pompom but I opted to add visual texture by having two different sizes.

Definitely don’t hesitate to change your design as you’re moving along. This particular wreath used almost 3 full skeins of yarn so I had plenty of time to try out different arrangements of the pom poms.


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath


This is also a very cost effective project too. Who doesn’t love a frugal DIY that looks great when you’re done?

I already had the yarn on hand thanks to all of my crocheting and knitting endeavors so all I actually purchased for this project was the wreath form. Here are a few frugal craft tips:

  • always check Goodwill for wreath forms, knitting needles, crochet hooks, embroidery thread and hoops

I have even used coupons at craft stores for purchasing one item like this. Usually what I will do if I’m not needing to complete another project I’ll get my husband to pull up the app for whatever store I am at and then I will use the coupon from his phone and save my app’s coupon just in case there’s something else I might need before the month’s coupon expires.

Try and be as cost saving as possible. I’m sure we have all seen the memes about how we as crafters say we are gonna make it ourselves to save money and then end up spending three times the price of it at the big box stores.

I have laughed at memes like that but at the same time I always like to encourage other crafters to be as frugal as possible!


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath


If you make a wreath like this I would LOVE to see it!

It’s so fun to share projects with each other and celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship of other makers. You can tag me on Instagram @minuteswithmom or you can leave a photo in the comments down below!

I hope these DIYs inspire you to make and create the things you love to fill and make your house a home.


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired PomPom Christmas Wreath


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