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Diagonal Knitted Blanket with FREE Pattern! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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So I recently made a purchase from Brenna Ann, she is the amazing crochet/knitting designer who I have been featuring all week.  If you missed those posts you can click on them down below.

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Today’s pattern was a design that accidentally happened as a result of my not paying attention to Brenna’s Maple Blanket Pattern.



The design that came as a result of my mistake was something I absolutely fell in love with and I have been so excited to share it here with you!

This knitted blanket is SO EASY and you will love creating it. I was able to knock out this blanket over the course of about 3 days but I believe it was so worth it! We have slowly been re-doing all of our kid’s bedrooms and I have decided to make all three of my girls one of these for the ends of their beds.

I made this with an amazing yarn I found at JoAnn’s and it is an alpaca/acrylic blend. It is amazingly soft and the color is stunning! It’s an extremely pale pink and is perfect for a girls room or even a throw.

My favorite aspect is the diagonal design of the knitting stitch. I really love how it gives an added textural dimension!




  • 6 skeins of Super Bulky Yarn (holding two strands together at a time)
  • 25MM circular knitting needles
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle



Long- Tail Cast On 45 stitches

Row 1 – 2K, 2P all the way across

Row 2 – 2K, 2P all the way across

Row 3 – 2P, 2K all the way across

Row 4 – 2P, 2K all the way across

You continue with this 4-row repeat until you have used all of your skeins. This is about 85 rows.

Tie off, sew in your ends and you’re done! It’s pretty simple but leaves you with a gorgeous pattern!



Brenna’s Design is fabulous too! I like how her’s is more like X’s and I think it would work up beautifully into a lovely throw! Her patterns are all on SALE right now so be sure to head over and get a few for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed with her pattern designs!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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