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I was recently sharing on my Instagram feed this new scarf I was trying to create. After browsing on Pinterest for some new crochet stitch inspiration I came across this really delicate and unique pattern by Mon Petit Violon.


It takes a few rows to memorize exactly how the pattern goes but once you get it the working of this stitch is really quite simple!

One of the things I love most about this stitch is, even though it is a more dainty stitch it is still thick enough to offer warmth.

I have found at times there are delicate crochet stitches which are far too “open” and cause the piece (like a scarf) to be more of an accessory rather than an article to keep you warm. I wanted to make sure I was getting beauty and functionality out of this particular scarf!

The yarn I chose was by the brand CARON-Simply Soft. The color was Dark Country Blue. I used only one skein of this yarn and it made the scarf perfect in length and width.

The stitch works in multiples of 4 + 5. To achieve the same width and length as me you will need to chain 37. Then you continue to repeat the stitch pattern until you get to the end of the skein.

It’s important to not go all the way to the end of the yarn because you need to leave yourself enough to SL ST the ends together and then weave your tail in.

When I got to the end I put one twist in the scarf and then grabbed the ends, pulled my initial starting tail into the work and then did a SL ST all the way across to secure everything together. Here is a photo of the top of the connected edges…

I really love how beautifully the two pieces came together! There have been patterns in the past when I’ve gone to connect the two sides things look a bit off. I really liked the finish this stitch pattern gave me.

Again this is a really beautiful finish and I’m really glad for how it turned out!

This stitch pattern would make a fabulous baby blanket too. It would be perfect in white, light yellow, deep purple or a blushing pink. I can totally imagine wrapping a snuggly newborn baby girl in something like this!


If you make this for yourself I would LOVE to see the finished product! I always enjoy browsing through handmade items of all the amazing makers out there.

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