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Crochet Waterfall Vest with Buyable Pattern! – YarnHookNeedles

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I am slowly venturing into the world of apparel knitting and crochet. I have shared with you guys the Chunky Crochet Shrug I completed last year. This time I wanted to try out a pattern with armholes.

This pattern was perfect for testing out my abilities with a more “complex” pattern. I was so excited when I finished and realized this wasn’t complicated at all!

If you are a medium crocheter and even a confident beginner, I firmly believe you could complete this project with no problems!

So the designer created three different size options: SM, M, and LRG. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and I wanted to make the SM size for this post and also for the photos to add this garment to my Etsy Shop.

I was shocked to realize this SM size actually would work with my current size! I wouldn’t’ be able to wrap it closed and add a belt, I would definitely need to go up a size in order to do that, but to wear it as an accessory over a dress, with leggings etc, this size would totally work!

One of the other reasons I chose this particular pattern is because I was wanting to show how easily you could add knitwear fashion into your spring and summer wardrobe!

I love the idea of incorporating the handmade into every facet of life! It makes things more special in my opinion. This vest is lightweight enough to allow you to add this to a simple sleeveless top and shorts with sandals!

Below is a styling idea I created using some great pieces from RUE21 and American Eagle I picked up at a local thrift store…

I love how adding this simple vest can really make this outfit stand out! It’s such a great little touch.

Now if you are a crocheter and you are as in love with this vest look as I am…then head over to the awesome shop I shared yesterday and get this pattern for yourself!

BubNutPatterns ETSY SHOP

If you don’t crochet but would love to get your hands on a vest like this, then you can visit the YarnHookNeedles Etsy Shop and place an order to receive this exact style of vest. ORyou


You can place a custom order to receive this style in any color or fiber you choose! No matter if you make it yourself or order with us you will love having this knitwear piece a part of your wardrobe collection this year!

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