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The Perfect Crochet Throw Pillow with Tassels and a FREE Pattern! – YarnHookNeedles

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I love trying to incorporate yarn crafts into all aspects of daily life. One way I try to do so is through home decor. With a little imagination and a brand new crochet stitch you can create adorable home accessories you love and appreciate because you made it yourself!

You’re friends might even think you’re been secretly making trips to Anthropologie without them! But you’ll know the truth 🙂

Today’s pattern is easy and simple! Something you could complete in about an hour.  Maybe two if you’re not as fast of a crocheter.




The beauty of this pattern is the items you’re using to make it:

– 2 skeins super bulky yarn (I used BigTwist Natural Blend in the color crimson).

– size 9.00mm hook

– pillow form insert size 12×12

– tapestry needle

– scissors

For the pattern you are making 2 panels. I decided at the last minute to add the tassels for a more fun look. However without the tassels it still makes for a great throw pillow! You can choose whether or not you would like to add these on the corners.


DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE TASSELS WITH YARN? Comment down below or send me an email and I will create a video tutorial showing you how easily you can make tassels for adding to your handmade projects!



PANEL 1(front side)

CH 26

R1 – Beginning in the 2nd CH from the hook, DC all the way across, CH 2, turn.

R2 – * FPTR (front post treble crochet) in the next post st, DC in the next st. Repeat from * all the way across. CH 1, turn.

R3 – SC all the way across. CH 2, turn.

R4 – *DC in the next st, FPTR in the next post sts. Repeat from * all the way across. CH 1, turn

R5 – SC all the way across. CH 2, turn.

R6 – 17 is a repeat of rows 2-5

R18 – DC all the way across, CH 1, turn.

R19 -SC all the way across, tie off.





Place the right sides together. Using your tapestry needle and a long piece of yarn, begin sewing 3 sides of the pillow together. Once you reach the last side, flip the casing right side out, insert the pillow and then seam up your opening.

At this point you will weave in your ends and attach you tassels to each corner. Or you could add pompous or leave it bare. The design is totally up to you!




If you have any questions or need help with something please comment down below or send me an email!

I hope you enjoy using this pillow in your own home or gifting it to a friend!


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