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Crochet Star Stitch Cowl with FREE Pattern! – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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Today I am showing you the simple cowl I made using the crochet star stitch. This has become one of my top-stitch patterns because of how beautifully it works into a project! I really forsee making blankets with this stitch and I believe in a chunky yarn this would be absolutely gorgeous!

This little cowl doesn’t take long at all to make. It’s not oversized but because of how tight the star stitch is, it most certainly is warm!

The star stitch is a simple 2-row repeat. There also isn’t any memorizing with this stitch, so once you make up the first two rows you pretty much can work up the rest without really even thinking about it.

I also love this yarn I chose for this project. It is by red heart and is a part of their LOVE line of yarns. I really appreciate the softness of this acrylic yarn and also how sturdy the fibers are.

They have quite a large color selection too!




Start by chaining an even number of stitches. For this example I will have you CH 20. You will then insert your hook into the 2nd CH from the hook, YO and pull up a loop. Go into the next ST and YO, pull through. Go into the next three STS, YO and pulling through in each ST. This will give you six loops on your hook. You will then YO and pull through ALL SIX LOOPS and then YO and pull through again sealing off the gathered posts.

Much like a seashell, you will notice an “EYE” in your gathered posts. You will insert your hook into this eye, YO and pull up a loop. You will then insert your hook in front of the last post you made, YO, pull up a loop. Insert your hook behind the last post you made, YO, pull up a loop. Then insert your hook in the next two STS, YO and pulling up a loop in each ST. Make sure you have six loops on your hook and then YO and pull through all six loops. After gathering those posts you will then seal it off. Continue this all the way across until you get to the last ST where you will then do an HDC, CH 1 and turn.

Next, on row 2, you will SC in the bottom of the CH1, 2 SC in every “eye” all the way along the row. At the end, you will CH 2 and turn.

Row 3 is making the first part of the stars again. You will insert your hook at the bottom of the CH 2 space, YO and pull up a loop. Then you will insert your hook into the next four STS, YO and pulling up a loop in each ST. Then, YO and pull through all six loops on your hook, YO and pull through sealing off the star and continue along like in row 1.

The cowl is a repeat of rows 1 and 2 and you work it up for as long as you need your project to be. Just remember you’re working in multiples of 2 and when you’re finished  I like to do a SL ST row as my final row. It gives it a cleaner look in my opinion but it’s totally up to you!





  • 1 skein yarn
  • I hook
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle

Start by CH 96

Rows 1- 15: Continue for fifteen rows with the star stitch pattern I shared above and then

Row 16 – SL ST all the way across, tie off, weave in ends!


You can easily make this chunkier by adding more rows or by making your width a bit larger. This is just a basic idea but I want to encourage you to create something either based off this pattern or your own “version” of this pattern.

Make the things you love!!!

If you make something with this star stitch I would love to see it! You can share down in the comments or you can tag me on Instagram!



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