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Learn to Make this Easy Cotton Crochet Top in Just a Few Hours! – YarnHookNeedles

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Happy Friday Friends!

Today is the release of the second design in my Cotton Crochet Collection! I am so pleased to introduce you to the Adeline Top!

Just like the Twiggy Tunic I created this piece to be something easily adjustable to fit all body sizes. After having seven babies my body has been an array of sizes. I know it can be discouraging to find something you love and then be brought to shame when you go to try it on and….it doesn’t fit!

My designs are meant to overcome this issue. By creating versatile, feminine pieces you will feel beautiful in the Adeline top no matter your size!

This design is made in two identical panels. I will be giving the instructions for creating the exact top you see pictured. To give you an idea of size, I wear a size 10 jeans and an XL in Walmart brand clothing. I did make my Adeline top slightly larger so it wouldn’t be hugging my body. I wanted it to have a nice drape and longer sleeves.

For making your perfect size, here is what you will need to do:

– Measure your bust. Take your bust measurement and divide it by 2. Then, take this divided measurement and divide it again. With your final measurement, you will then add 2 inches. You will create 2 panels this approximate width while maintaining a multiple of 13 + 3.

Here is an example:

Bust: 40 in




In conclusion, each panel will be approximately 12in wide.

Now, when it comes to how long you make the panel, that is up to you! This could easily be adjusted to be the length of a dress. Or it could be shorter and act like a crop top. Be creative and adjust it to your liking!


  • K hook
  • 4.5 balls of I Love This Cotton from HobbyLobby in the color Rose
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


Make 2 panels

CH 42

In the 4th chain from the hook you will DC- CH1 – DC, skip 2 sts, *DC – CH1 – DC, skip 2 sts. Repeat from * all the way across and end with a DC. Chain 3 and turn.

You will repeat this pattern until your panel is the desired length. For my Adeline top, I completed 83 rows. Once you have made your two identical panels you will add 4 rows of SC along one side of each panel placing 2 SC in each “window” or DC space. Refer to the photo below for clarity…


Once you have added the 4 rows of SC to each panel, you will then SL ST 60 sts working from the bottom up on both sides. By doing this you are creating the head hole for the top.

After creating your head hole, fold your garment in half (like how it would lay on your body) and determine how open you would like your arm holes. After you have measured for your arm holes you will seam up the sides to close the piece.

Weave in your ends and then wear your Adeline top with pride because guess what? You just made your very own top!

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If you have any questions regarding the pattern please leave a comment or send me an email:

I would love to help you in any way that I can!

Also, if you would like me to create a how-to video for the Adeline top let me know too!

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14 thoughts on “Learn to Make this Easy Cotton Crochet Top in Just a Few Hours! – YarnHookNeedles

    1. I’m so glad you like it! Head over to my YouTube channel (search yarnhookneedles) and subscribe. Hit post notifications and as soon as I get the video uploaded you will get an alert! Thanks so my for stopping by!

  1. Hi, thanks for putting this jumper on Pinterest. I can’t get the stitches to work for your lovely Adelaide top. If I chain 42, turn and work a double crochet into the fourth chain from the hook do I then chain 1 and do a second double crochet into the same stitch, then skip 2 stitches and do the same all the way across? Also Is this pattern written in American terms? Do you have a video showing the basics? That would be really helpful. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Sue for stopping by!

      These are written in American terms. You will DC in the 4th Ch from the hook, *skip 2, then add DC-CH1-DC in the next ST. I can most certainly create a video for you if this would make it easier!

      1. Please make a video!! I love the look off this top but I’m much better at repeating what I see rather than what I read.

  2. Hello! I saw this beautiful crochet top in Pinterest. I would love to make one for myself. Can you please make a video tutorial for this? I find it easier to follow video tutorials than the written ones. Thank you so much in advance!

    ~Ainee ❤

    1. Hi, Joanne! I’m not sure if I understand what you mean? Could you clarify a bit more? Sometimes it takes me a minute to understand an issue folks might be having. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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