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The Crochet Infinity Loop Scarf by BrennaAnnHandmade Etsy Shop – YHN

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This Infinity Loop scarf is a great project for a crochet lover! The simplicity of the pattern makes it so easy to create and with the right yarn you can no doubt create something beautiful!

I loved working with this pattern and yarn I chose. It was one I picked up during a HUGE yarn sale at JoAnn’s and I love the texture, color, and feel of it.




Patterns like this are good for when you are in a creative slump. They are easy enough you don’t really have to think while you’re making it. It helps too to try your hand at something easy so you can be inspired to create your next piece of art!

I was so pleased with the finished result and I’m glad I chose this pattern. I love how you can easily double wrap the scarf or wear it in a more draped fashion. I would even say this is a two-sided scarf in that each side offers its own unique pattern and design. That’s always fun!




To make this scarf for yourself, please click below and visit Brenna’s Etsy shop!



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