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What Type of Crochet Hook Should I Use? – YarnHookNeedles

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Are you new to crochet? Do you get overwhelmed when you’re shopping at the craft store when trying to decide which hook would be best for you?

Today we are going to talk about the options available at the big box craft stores and then what other limitless options are available online through handmade shops.


When I first started out in crochet almost 8 years ago I had no idea all of the options out there when it came to crochet hooks.

All I had ever seen were the standard metal hooks carried at Walmart. I had no idea there were:

– wooden hooks

– ergonomic hook

– plastic hooks

– metal hooks with wooden, clay or silicone handles

Frankly, it’s quite amazing!


Without this knowledge, I simply used those metal hooks and have learned to love them! I recently purchased my first hook with a silicone handle and I do have one hook I found at a thrift store with a wooden handle.

Now I have enjoyed using both of these hooks for projects. The larger handle does put less strain on the hand, especially if you’re working on a bigger project.

For me, the hook you choose boils down to what works best for you! There are some folks who swear by their Boye Aluminum Hooks and others who would never use anything other than their FURLS hooks.

It’s really a personal choice and I always try and recommend to folks, ” If you have the money, do some research and try out a more luxurious hook. If it works…AWESOME! If not, then you can always resell it in your crochet FB group.”



I recently discovered a handmade hook shop by the name of BQueenCollection. Makenzie has some of the most exquisite handmade hooks I have ever seen! She not only has hooks available she also has naturally dyed yarns as well as a subscription box.

***I am not earning any commissions from sharing the BQueenCollection with you

While you might think it easier to head to JoAnn’s and pick up a hook, I strongly urge you to consider moving into a higher quality hook product once you reach a more intermediate/advanced crocheter level.

You won’t regret making this move! You’ll never go back!

If you want to checkout this maker head over to her site and be sure to follow her on Instagram too!


Now, even though I am starting to make the switch over with my hook collection, I am still using those sturdy aluminum hooks for projects.




I feel like one of the reasons I have enjoyed using the metal hooks it because of the ease with which they slide through the yarn fibers.

I will say, you would be surprised at how easily a high-quality wooden hook will slide like butter through fibers too!

Some of the issues I have had with metal hooks are when the head gets scuffed and begins snagging my yarn as I’m attempting to work on a project.

This has happened a handful of times over the last 7 years. It’s not a huge deal, but it can be frustrating! I have also had some metal hook brands bend really easily. Again, this isn’t’ that big of a deal, just irritating.




If I am being honest, I think starting out with a metal hook is perfectly fine! You won’t be disappointed as a beginner in crochet.

However, if you are a person who suffers from joint pain in your hands, arthritis or other muscle pain. I would recommend moving in the direction of a more “luxurious” hook. Something which is designed with the hand shape in mind will most certainly be more comfortable in your hands.

Like anything which helps to relieve pain, you will have to make a slightly higher investment up front. That being said, if you love crochet just as much or more than I do, you will want to pay the price for the correct tools.

I believe I will always have a mixture of hooks in my collection. Especially when I have children whom I am teaching to crochet. I believe for them the metal hooks are the best and they can take the “beating” which comes from children 🙂



Do you have a favorite crochet hook? Or a material you prefer your hooks to be made of?

Comment down below! Let us know too who some of your favorite handmade hook makers are. We all would love to get to know other makers!



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