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The Most Elegant Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern!

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Need a cozy, elegant blanket for a little one? Then you will love this adorable duchess blanket pattern! I LOVE to try other people’s patterns and then add my own little twist. That is exactly what I did with this “Duchess” blanket.

I was browsing Pinterest and I stumbled upon this post…

She did a fabulous job creating this design and I thoroughly enjoyed making it! The only things I did differently were leaving the border off and adding large pompoms to each corner.

This pattern is very forgiving too if you make a mistake.

Something else is there really isn’t any counting involved. It’s a repeating pattern for each row. So if you have little ones around you won’t have to undo things and start all over!

That’s always nice!

Here are the photos of my finished blanket. Be sure to follow the link above and let her know I sent you there.

I know you love making this blanket for yourself!












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2 thoughts on “The Most Elegant Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern!

  1. Hi Jerica! This looks amazing! I love your idea to put pom-poms on the ends and the color is fantastic. Glad you liked the pattern.

    I found your story about your son very inspiring! We have three boys so far and hoping for another baby in the next year or so. Will be praying for you!

    God bless!

    1. You are so sweet! I hope you guys are blessed with another little one soon 🙂

      I adore this pattern so much. Its elegant yet super simple! I’m giving one to a friend due with baby #3 any day now.

      Thanks for commenting and your kind words!

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