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Come Join Our Facebook Group! – The Crocheters of YarnHookNeedles

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If you love crochet and want to connect with others who enjoy the YarnHookNeedles blog, then you should come and join our private Facebook group!

I wanted to start our very own Crochet group where we could all share current projects we are working on. I also thought this would be a fun place to get to know one another and also ask questions regarding crochet, yarns, pattern designers and more!

I love the idea of having our own little “place” where we can come together.

I shared in my recent newsletter how my husband and I are currently working on a non-profit startup. With this non-profit, you all will have the opportunity to contribute your very own handmade crochet items. Our group will be one of the places you will be updated on news regarding this new venture.

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I also felt like I wanted to be able to interact with you all on an easier platform and gather ideas, inspiration and more so as to provide you with the best content possible here on the blog!

We can also share those hilarious yarn and crochet memes I see on Pinterest! Who wouldn’t enjoy a good laugh every now and again?

Feel free to invite others to the group who you believe would enjoy being a part of such a group! The more of us there are, the merrier!

Some of the other ideas I have for growing our little community are:

  • facebook live crochet projects
  • crochet-a-longs
  • exclusive YarnHookNeedle products like bags, yarn and more!
  • pattern testing opportunities
  • and so much more!

Do you have any ideas for the group? Share in the comments down below or feel free to email me or join the group and share them there!

If you’re ready to start our little community then head down below and click the link!




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