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Chunky Christmas Tree Skirt with FREE Pattern Link – Yarn|Hook|Needles

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This year I knew I wanted to make our Christmas tree skirt. I had seen several patterns on Pinterest but wasn’t too excited about a lot of them.

The look I was going for was that of snow. I wanted the skirt to seem like a fluffy blanket of snow lying under the tree. I used a super soft, chunky yarn by Bernat. It’s originally¬†labeled for baby blankets but it was just the right texture and thickness I was envisioning for this tree skirt.

I discovered this older pattern and decided this was the perfect solution!


So a few things I want to mention before you dive into making this…the original pattern is for a smaller tree. I’m not exactly sure of our tree’s circumference but as you might be able to tell from the photos, it only goes around the front half of the tree base.

Normally this would TOTALLY bug me. However, the tree is in front of a set of windows and the bottom is rather large. Both of these things added together to make the skirt less noticeable.

I just wanted to mention this because if you’re not okay with a half sized tree skirt and instead want to go all the way around, you’re going to need to CH enough to go around the base of your tree. This will be a different CH amount for every tree.

What I would do is sit by the tree while I’m doing my CHs and then test out the circumference until you get the size you need. From there you can follow the rest of the pattern as normal.

Also, depending on how far you want the skirt to come out from under the tree, you will most likely have to add more rows. Once you view the pattern you’ll understand the increase method. It won’t be hard to throw on more rows until you reach you desired length.

This pattern is definitely one of the simpler patterns out of all the ones I saw online. Like I always say, you make what you love! If you want a fancy one, then go for it! Make the things you love and then fill your home with them.

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